Rogue Trader Psyker "Premium" Cosmetic problems

Players are gobbling them up! I see one in every game the past few days, I cant seem to understand why.

With that being said, I’m willing to take and chuckle at the players running around in clown, I mean pirate, outfits instead of paying for 3 new maps.

It’s pretty obvious it’s outsourced - bunch of art credits going to a third-party company.

Which makes even more of a mockery of the claim they needed ‘extra time’ and ‘extra effort’ for the DKoK ones to justify the price hike; did they have to correct the outsourced ones before releasing them? If so, how bad were they when FS got them?!

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It’s funny how there was a huge uproar and backlash against SEGA/CA over TW: Warhammer 3 DLC prices, which has now resulted in an actual letter of apology (not the corpo speak we got after release), a price cut and refund of a released game, and lots more work going into existing and future DLC to justify the $25 price.

Meanwhile Fatshark is selling rushed, low quality, asset swapped cosmetics for insane prices and people are gobbling it up.


TBF, that accompanied their other ‘big’ project, the cynical attempt to cash in on royale shooters except 2-3 years too late, Hyenas, getting canned by SEGA, leaving the Total War games they’d previously left on the back-burner as their only money maker, alongside having to fire many of their staff.

CA’s people clearly realized that they were at risk of losing their entire future as a company in one fell swoop and decided to bite the bullet and earn community goodwill by refunding stuff, apologizing, and trying to recoup their old devoted fanbase.

Fatshark needs to be put to the squeeze on similar levels if we’re to see similar action from the C-suite IMO.

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Oh absolutely the situations aren’t 100% similar. But compare their letter of actual apology to the bland corpospeak of nothingness we got, where they committed to nothing, didn’t actually say sorry, didn’t even offer Aquilas as compensation for a 100% unfinished broken product, and in essence posted a letter which used a lot of words to say absolutely nothing.

We also get lied to frequently. They claim to want less RNG, then make more RNG than ever before. When pressed on it, all they can say is “silent majority likes it, probably”. In fact admitting they lied the whole time. They lied when they had to postpone information to make it coincide with an event, blaming ‘technical issues’. They lied about trying to make the cosmetics shop not FOMO. Not to mention the biggest lie of all, that they game was ready for release.

This goes back years, too. FatShark loves to lie.


If the veteran’s one looked anywhere near as good as the first image I wouldn’t have a problem with the price

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Let me know how I can pay for three new maps.

why? they gave console monkeys free crap hoping to fomo PC players. typical 10cent

Yeah, that’s not great.

It also has those massive gaps on the male Psyker, at least with my minimum height Male Psyker, so it’s kinda general incompetence instead of another case where the female premium models are more borked because they don’t adjust for the female model at all.

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