The Psyker's cash shop coat is missing half a coat. :(

Fat Shark, where’s the other half of the coat?

Now I suspect this was due to technical constraints to avoid the coat crashing through the legs, but other Upper-Body items have dangling skirt-bits. So could we at least get knee-length coat flaps? Or even just a coat tail in the back? Please give us something. D: It looks goofy and incomplete right now. Especially when the rest of the outfit is a perfect match with the Games Workshop model!


Also, the back of your head clips through the collar when you run. Quite a lot.

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Yea there’s clipping with pretty much every collar, it’s disappointing

And the preorded torso armor has broken meshes

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Heh, I noticed this too. But honestly, I don’t mind - I think having the collar there does more good than harm in terms of improving the look of the coat! I mean, if it could not clip that would be better, but the silhouette looks nicer with the high collar! : )

YEAH! I DO look nicer with the high collar! :3

lol, joking aside though, I also wish the coat had a bottom half. The current outfit looks incomplete to me.


Well, as the OP points out, it looks incomplete because it is incomplete~


I guess this is the sign that krieg coat will never appeared.
If they don’t get this right, I probably will never spend a dime.
40K outfit without a coat just simply wrong.


Its in the next rotation its going to be in the accessories of the cosmetics tab jk :joy:

They got your money. Why would they need to fix it?


“Premium skins”

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Probably an engine limitation?
It might not be possible to implement flexible materials of that size (like robes, capes) and it would be incompatible with the animation system.
Just a guess.

I suspect you’re right . it’s like this for technical reasons - but Fat Shark, please fix these technical problems! We want Psykers with their coats! We want Kriegsmen with their trenchcoats!

The cash shop is how you want to siphon money out of us, so please give us quality items! : )

But the Warrior Priest in Vermintide 2 also had a Coat, as did the Witch Hunter in VT 1


Good point! I sure hope we’ll get coats and similar.

I’m holding my breath for a Kreigsmen costume! : ) But I don’t think I’ll be buying it if they can’t get the coat right. : (

Also - pretty disappointed in my Psyker’s coat. : / Please patch-in the other half! XD

Gloves clip coat sleeves pretty bad and the belt clips as well. Please fix I would actually buy this skin if it wasn’t so sloppy

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Because they don’t have MY money yet, and I would totally buy this coat if it wasn’t missing the bottom half.

: P

Pretty sure vt1 already had working cloth physics on salzpyres coat. Although Im pretty sure it broke in one of the later updates and they never fixed it again.

Literally Unplayable 0/10 Fatshark for shame. How dare you abuse our trust and our wallets.

Haha, yea, that’s why I didn’t buy that outfit. I want a proper coat for my psyker!