Requesting update on Microsoft Store/GamePass (PC)


I have seen quite a few posts on Discord, Reddit, and Steam regarding this topic recently. I am aware of the older information regarding these questions. (Though most seem to not even know about that.) However, as we are less than a month from a soft launch / beta launch of this game it seems like more and more people are asking. This post is to see if we can get any updated answers or clarification from FatShark or if anyone has more updated information links within the last couple of weeks.

  1. Will there be a way for Microsoft store (or GamePass) players to Pre-Order and gain access on Nov. 17th?
  1. Is there any new information on the potential crossplay from Microsoft Store/GamePass PC with Steam? (I understand the console version is delayed and is unlikely to have crossplay based on prior FS games. Last information on this seems a few months old, before the launch date was moved IIRC.)

  2. Even if there is no crossplay, will there be an option to transfer your save/account from one PC platform to another? (via fee or free)

The main concern here seems to be being gated from playing with friends on PC, the loss of progress, and loss of purchased cosmetics/DLC etc. I know in the case of some other games from GamePass (PC) they were tied to the console version and even behind on updates compared to the Steam version. I just want to be 100% certain of this information so I can give advice on where our group should purchase and if those with GamePass will need to make a purchase. Of course, with the currently information we are just leaning towards buying on Steam to be safe.


No announcements mean probably not.

They already answered my question on Steam forums that they would like to but don’t expect it to happen at launch.

I can’t blame them, this idiotic thing probably sits firmly in Microsoft chair really.

can, has any of this happened on gamepass/store? is it even going to gamepass?

not sure its even possible witht eh way MS runs stuff

Nothing is showing on the store yet, but it was listed as a Day1 on GamePass/Store in previous press releases. There is an article about it being on GamePass Nov. 30th on MSN which is owned/operated by Microsoft. ( Source: MSN) Microsoft also has GamePass deals with other Tencent owned companies, even Riot Games.

Currently there are dozens of games that share servers between PC Game Pass and Steam, such as Sea of Thieves, Halo, Total War Warhammer, etc…

They share both servers and progress. It is totally possible to do it, the question is wanting to do it.

I find this very f**** up as we have a gaming group that is currently divided over this stupid decision that should have been resolved months ago. Keeping the PC community apart is dooming the health of your game on one platform or another in the long run.


well im sure the balls in m$ court on this one , i can imagine FS wouldnt want it at launch due to the way patching works on M$ store compared to steam but past that i should think they want it. and on the upside M$ has got a lot better at this sort of thing in recent years.

I want to buy it on Steam to 1. support the game and 2. to play 2 weeks earlier.
But this seperates my friends, 2 have a gamepass and won´t pay more for the game. The other 2 don´t like the gamepass and want to buy it on Steam.
That´s so weird, because nobody of them will play/buy it if they can´t play together. We just read that information.
Isn´t there any way to play together? We are all on PC.

I had the gamepass for 3 years now, but it ends in March. I dont want it anymore. So I will buy it on Steam and have it on Gamepass (until March).
Is it at least possible to transfer the progress between these 2 “accounts”?


The Windows Store now has listings for Darktide. Pre-Order (it doesn’t mention early start/beta on the 17th) for both regular and Imperial editions. They even have a 2,500 Aquilas pack for purchase (no price). They make sure to list this is for Windows PC, again, and again. No mention of GamePass or if there will be x-play with other WinPC versions. This still leaves the questions I asked previously, unanswered.

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Yes, can we get an answer please?

Gamepass/Steam progress transfer?

  1. Even if there is no crossplay, will there be an option to transfer your save/account from one PC platform to another?

Guys they already said that unless they make an announcement about it, consider it as not happening. Ergo on launch Steam and Gamepass PC are treated as seperate platforms.

That would only address question #2 and we are aware of the previous statements (before the date was moved out) as was stated in the original post. I really see no harm in asking if there is any update or progress on it. I appreciate your comment, as it moves the thread up, but I am hoping for an official statement or comment to answer these. If nothing else putting it here brings it to their attention that these are questions people have.


Yeah that is fair, but honestly I do not know what ppl are aware of, so just shared, what I found out on dev streams.

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Isn’t the release on Game Pass on the 30th?

Correct, that is the latest information.

Wait, so on the 30th there will be no Darktide on PC Game Pass?

From your previous post you seemed to be asking for confirmation it would be released on the 30th on Game Pass. I stated that is Correct, that is the latest information.

To be clear; Darktide (as far as we know) WILL be on Game Pass on Nov. 30th.

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Thank you very much, and sorry for the confusion.

This isnt functionally possible. MS can do it between Windows and Xbox because they control the centralized login for them. Otherwise you functionally have to create your own login and syncing system like Destiny2.

This also has a lot of technical pitfalls. For example if you own a particular DLC on one platform, then go to another platform where you don’t own the DLC, what is the game supposed to do?

There are a lot of edge case situations where a person’s account could be obliterated or corrupted. which is why these kinds of cross progression systems are not very common

Whait, WHAT?
No crossplay for PC players with PC players? Is it a joke?

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I mean no one has actually said that

The only thing I said was that its not cross progression. Which means if you play on xbox game pass for PC, then decide to purchase on a different PC platform in the future, your progress on xbox game pass for PC doesn’t translate to that other platform

There’s been no confirmation nor denial about cross play within teh various pc platforms