Steam Freebee, yet ignore XBOX PC?

So let me get this straight, I’ve been playing Darktide since day one on my XBOX PC GAME PASS. Struggling along side all the steam users, with every single issue. The dev’s decide, hey steam users have suffered…as of late, with the Aquila via xbox stores etc etc…

So lets give back to the PC community… Yet hey lets completely ignore the XBOX PC players. I’ve been patiently waiting for them to quietly hand us something. But no, so now I’m putting it on blast.

Maybe they will wake up over there in Sweden, maybe not. Least I can stand on my soap box and feel better, feth.

As far as I am aware you will get it on Microsoft Game Pass. So long as you have logged in and played it on a PC you will get Vanguard at the end of the month (the timeframe we’ve been given to expect the Vanguard pack), which should, should the theory stand, be how Xbox players will be able to get the pack, by having logged into the game on their Microsoft Xbox account on a PC.


By the God-Emperor I hope this is true…

Gamepass also got cross-play which undoubtedly benefited Gamepass more than Steam, but yes, Fatshark said all PC players, nowhere did it say Steam only.

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The bigger question is can gamepass players also get the ‘unique’ cosmetics? Not sure if anyone would want to show off the cattle brand though LMAO

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