Requesting update on Microsoft Store/GamePass (PC)

Note just an FYI, I’ve basically been using Microsoft Rewards to constantly top up my xbox ultimate subscription until 2025 and beyond. Its a pretty easy and painless.

That’s natural as these ecosystems all got their own features like achievements and what not.

I’m in the same boat. I usually play in a group of 4 which perfectly suits Darktide like it does any other coop game. That only 1 of my friends is willing to pay full price for Darktide right now and the other 2 wouldn’t be able to play with us as they wanted to get it on gamepass as they just bought Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft and don’t want to spend so much money so quick.

This basically means that my group of 4 is split in two because we can’t “crossplay” on different game libraries despite all of us playing on PC. This was so disappointing having to then call them after weeks of hyping them up just to warn them earlier today that they shouldn’t get gamepass as we won’t be able to game together as always.

Remember when crossplay meant that you couldn’t play with your friend on console? Look what we have now.


Question #1 was answered thanks to u/TheGreenPapa on Reddit.

Pre launch beta confirmed for Microsoft store pc preorders : DarkTide (

Does anyone know any more on the question of Steam being able to crossplay with GamePass?

Like others I have friends who have GP (and won’t buy the game) and people like me who bought on Steam for Beta.

they said they are trying to resolve that as quickly as possible and rather soon in a precedent update.

Great, thanks.