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So, i’ve been saving my chests since some time after content update hoping for new weapons and hats. Is there a sense in that, i know some told about leaked content?

Just after content update:

Quite recently:

Old position on hoarding:

Recent position on hoarding:

I don’t know if they will lock the possible content of loot boxes and to what extent.
@Fatshark_Hedge might want to fully clarify Fatsharks position on this matter.

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Every time I read about the fact that I had to hoard the boxes (because I had to expect something was, maybe, going to change), I cringe and even if I understand fs position about their consequential choice, the first 2 words that come up in my mind are quite rude. Thank you for reminding me :smiley:

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Keep saving them. Things around here keep improving on that slow, nearly imperceptible pace.

Frankly, I think that there’s really no point in opening them (comm chests especially). It’s better to save the chests and hope that you may get something new once they add new stuff into the game. And if FS decides that the old (already gained) chests won’t drop the new content, well… you won’t lose anything anyway.

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