Loot hoarding for Update

As I have really no use for all the 400+ vaults I collected over several months, will there be any benefit to saving them to open after the new update drops. Anyone think this is a good or a futile idea?

Likely won’t matter. They changed drop rates and drop mechanics once before and a bunch of people threw huge tantrums about it, so FS has said that drop rates are unlikely to change again.

With that said, it remains to be seen how the big Winds of Magic update will add the new weapons. If they can be opened in regular vaults then it might be worth waiting to try to get some red ones.


Unlikely, I think they will stick to the BTU format of putting the weapons and their illusions behind achievements that can only be unlocked by people who own the expansion, since this is one of the few ways to not split the community while still giving people incentive to buy the expansion (I doubt this will be the only “exclusive” thing people get from buying the epxansion, but it’ll be one for sure).
It does raise the legit question though: What to do with all those vaults? I mean, even me myself, I have like 200 unopened emp vaults alone, only thing I still occasionally open are commendation chests for the few cosmetics I lack. While I don’t think they will change drop rates, either, it is now definitely time to think about SOMETHING to do with those vaults. I think maybe, just maybe, a some mechanic to trade in vaults for that alleged “currency” for buying cosmetics and such - after all, the descriptions of the crates sometimes state that their containers alone are worth a fortune.


That’s good point, I’m getting quite the stockpile of vaults myself and would love something to do other than spend hours opening them and salvaging 99% of the contents…

I don’t think there will be any benefit of saving them for the update with regards to unlockables; however, I know in the past there has been some talk of tweaking the crafting system, which may provide some benefits (if included in this DLC).

The main benefit I could see in saving your chests is that the update might give us an “open all” or “open X no. of chests” feature which would save a significant amount of your time going through the chest opening animation over and over again.

Well I managed to acquire about 10 red items for my most unplayed and ignored character, Bardin. IB Ironbreaker is by far, the easiest character to play Legend games with. Anyways, opened about ~100 Emporer/General vaults to get those reds. Ended up with 2 drakeguns, grudgeraker, 2 hammer/shields, 2 handed hammer,2 warpicks, crossbow. The drop rate for me was about 10% for red weapons. Apart from a few other items like a red handgun and red dual axes, I still have about 350 vaults left. Now everyone I have is pretty stacked.