Does Chest-Saving worth for Winds of Magic?


i would like to know if it worths to spare some Chests for the new dlc, so will they contain new items or will there be new chests like the Bögenhaven-Box?

I have some Legendary Vaults and Commendation Chests and i dont wanna bite my ass when new items contained an i opened all now.

Thank you very much in advance :3


I fairly certain new rewards will come from new boxes and/or challenges. I think FS said at some point they don’t really want players to hoard chests in preperation of new DLCs, so new stuff wont be added to normal chests.


Would be cool if FS confirmed this one, because I don’t want to hoard chests “just in case”.

Seems like Fatshark-Team doesnt read forums :frowning:

They read, but rarely comment. That said, at the moment it’s summertime (and thus, a lot of people are on vacation), and they have their hands full with WoM stuff. Actually, Hedge even has a temporary namechange in Discord warning about probable delays in answering, so it’s expected that there isn’t a quick confirmation for questions like this.

In fact, I’m not certain that things are confirmed for FS themselves either yet. It’s quite possible that relatively simple things (like a new reward type, or some more Challenges) will be left to be confirmed and implemented close to release. That said, @EnragedFountain is quite correct, considering what the devs have said before (mostly at the time of the big changes in drop rates a long time ago), and how they’ve implemented things later. It’s most likely that normal chests won’t drop any of the new weapons, and they are to be acquired another way, possibly (probably, hopefully?) through Okri’s Challenges.

As an aside, sorry for the relatively late answer; the forums’ indication of new messages seems to have gone for the worse at the last update a little while ago, and has lead to me missing several new topics, I’ve noticed.

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