Bogenhafen challenges gone forever?

I’m a bit confused, it’s either glitched or I have gotten literally everything they have to offer from the bog chests because it’s been 2 weeks now and nothing has shown up under the weekly challenges anymore. I felt like I had everything or close to for a while now so I guess I finally came to the end of the road. I sure hope that’s not the case.

Man this feels short sighted if that’s what happened. As much as I’ve enjoyed the gameplay loop - I kind of liked having an agenda to my games while playing. At least for me, something to aim for during the map runs helped make the game replayable. Chasing challenges all but dries up once you complete everything (or close to like my case) but I got used to having the weekly challenges refresh to give me something to try and do for bit. With them just going away and not being replaced by anything (i.e. replacing them with com chest challenges or emp champ chest related challenges) then it quickly becomes this glaring empty space with a timer that will never change no matter how many times it counts down. That annoys me. It’s become a useless tab. Especially with this only One daily chest each day thing (I still feel that is strangely stingy.)

I mean, I can see the psychology of leaving the weekly tab there for people who haven’t yet purchased the dlc. The goal being enticing them to buy it. “Look what you’re missing” but why do that to people who already bought and completed the dlc? It could just be my weird idiosyncrasy but christ, this feels poorly thought out.


It’s likely that, if you have been doing all of your weeklies (or most of) and you have gotten all of the Bögenhafen challenges, you will have all of the cosmetics from the DLC and they will not assign you any more Weekly challenges for it.

I have a feeling that, given how they setup their tab-system, they would be putting in more sub-categories to the Weekly quests so that it would refresh them all at the same time. My guess is that they will continue using the Event-Quest tab (especially with us winding up to the anniversary of the release date) and that, with the summer release of the Winds of Magic DLC, we will get more weekly quests of some kind or another.

I’m not sure if they’ll replace the Bögenhafen section altogether or if they will keep it open for players who have completed them… we will see!

Yep there are 84 chests (I think) you can look it up in the art part where you will get your final reward for getting all the bög chests.

If you bought the Bogenhaven DLC on day 1 like I did you should have gotten all 84 items by now, assuming you didn’t miss any quests.

You will have ways to earn in-game currency soon enough. In part by doing weekly mutator.

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