Commendation chests in winds of magic

New player here ~100 hours. Did some research and kept my chests till lvl 30, but now with winds of magic dlc coming in August, we will probably get an increased lvl cap so my question is - perhaps it’s wise to keep all the chests till 1) dlc comes out, 2) I reach new lvl cap. What are your thoughts on this? Should I just open them (I got ~200) now, get the best quality loot and start grinding legendary difficulty or wait till the above-mentioned things happen?

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Well, you can certainly hold onto them if you want to; they have a chance to drop a Veteran item, so you are well justified in holding it until your item level touches maximum (for the opportunity to fetch a Veteran). Alternatively, you can use them to get your item level up to maximum more quickly.

If you are playing on Legend you will almost always have a higher chance at Veteran items from Legend Vaults (I think the break-point is at a Soldiers Vault or something, IDK). If you’re getting books, save your Legend Vaults instead of your commendations to get more Veteran items.

If you are trying to get straight to item-power cap, I figure you should save your commendations until the item-level cap increase (if there is one… is there going to be one?). Use your best judgement :slight_smile: more importantly, no big deal if you get there and feel like you did the wrong thing… keep playing and you’ll earn more anyways! :smiley:

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