No longer gaining commendation chests

I’m not 100% on if this is the case with all characters at the moment or characters sub-level 35 however this issue has been happening while on Saltzpyre who is at level 35 (+34), and since around (+30) I’ve stopped gaining commendation chests from leveling.

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I noticed something similar. I still get the commendation chests most of the times but I think if you fail a mission but get enough XP to level up, then you don’t get a chest.

It happens to me too.
Since a little while, i was playing Grail Knight and i didn’t put too much attention to it but i was sure i was missing some commendation chest, while still gaining some.
But i started playing Outcast Engineer yesterday and passed four level (+180) and got no commendation chest whatsoever, winning or loosing game when passing the level.

This is really weird.

Yep - same here. You get mission vaults/chests if you complete the level but commendation chests are erratic when leveling up. Sometimes you do get them, sometimes not which is a bit of a bastard if you’ve just scraped through a level on legend. Been like this for several weeks and needs fixing as it is a basic reward mechanism to pay back hours invested in playing to level up farm reds etc.

I can confirm this. Today I didn’t get one after a failed mission. But sometimes I get them. Maybe the failed mission is the reason.

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