No chests after level 35

I have read that i am supposed to get commendation chests after level 35 when gaining extra levels.
But i am not getting any, why would this happen?

Hi @devilspayback

Be assured this one is on our radar!

We’ve seen reports of commendation chests not awarding correctly at the moment due to the triple XP gain. This may also be related. Either way, I’ve passed this along to one of our Backend Engineers to investigate.

Okay thanks,
Will i get my chests after the triple xp event then?

Okay thanks,
Will i get my chests after the triple xp event then?

If we can compensate chests not gained from the current bug then we will, but unfortunately we may be restricted by limitations in our backend.

Hello, are the chests supposed to be compensated or are we just missing them?
My bardin is 35 (+7) and I have not gotten any commendation chests from those 7 levels yet.

Would be good to know when I’m closing in on the 650 hero level mark.

Hi @Mr_Pumba, unfortunately we were not able to compensate missing chests :frowning: sorry.

If you gain a prestige level now, do you receive a commendation chest?

I just tried and I did recieve one. So I guess it was an issue before?

Ah good! It seems to be a very inconsistent issue, that still effects a minority of players. We’ve got a proper fix in the works, though.

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