Question about RT hidden graphic settings

I saw some RT graphics settings in user_config file that are not in video options menu, the one that i dont know what is it is RT mixed reflections, is it some kind of hybrid reflections with RT and SSR?

Can some dev of the game give a light in this?

Since release Darktide has had, well, lots of issues actually. But in this case, a problem where disabling RTX in the game doesn’t actually disable it for real. Google has instructions on how to go to a config file and make sure it’s actually off for a sizeable FPS improvement. I’m not sure if that’s the same file or not, but either way that’s your answer.

For whatever reason there are settings you can’t change in the game but can through the config files. I’m sure RTX isn’t the only thing in there of importance.

Changing the wrong setting can also make the game crash and unstable.

Enjoy with care.

Nope, nope nope.
This was never true and this is the second time debunking it today.
This was never true and was just bad info that went virals because some people are still repeating it one year later.
If you do those silly tweaks in those erroneous guides you google you’ll end up fiddling with static lighting (nothing RT related) and some maps sections may be unplayably dark.
Leave the RT and lighting settings alone unless you know what you’re doing and what the consequences are, search these forums for more user posts on it.

This was debunked a year ago. [MS STORE/GAMEPASS] Hotfix 1.0.13/1.014


I dont want turn down any effects, i just wantyto know what RT mixed reflections does…

IIRC it’s when you set RT reflections to low? IIRC it was mentioned a while back when they added it.
See in-game tooltip:

So exactly what you said, mix if RT and SSR.

5s of googling for the post Nov '22

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Man thanks for your answers, you helped a lot

About this part i have some doubts: " There is one exception to this and it is the setting called “rtxgi_scale”. This setting while controlling the quality of the dynamic rtxgi if rtxgi_enabled = true will also control the quality of the baked rtxgi if the setting baked_ddgi = true (the setting called “Global Illumination” under advanced settings)".

rtxgi_enable is set true and rtxgi_scale is set 1 in my user config file but baked_ddgi is set to false, i tried several times chege to true and save but after i play the game this option always revert back to false.

Any help with this?

Usually, the easiest way is to see which settings (many) changes in the .config when you change game settings in-game and/or via launcher first.
So copy/back up your original config (always back up as there are mod settings there too!), then reset it via launcher and change stuff in-game, then you can compare via a tool like BeyondCompare or the free Notepad++ w/ compare plugin
The baked_ddgi appears to be set false when you set RT Global Illumination to Medium or High, which makes sense as it is no longer baked but dynamic, the rtxgi_scale is also changed by the latter 2.

P.S. Notepad++ is a MUST for anyone with a PC.

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You helped a lot again, thank you very much.

I have RT reflections and RT Global Illumination both set to high( i have a RTX 4090 Galax) in video options so thats the cause the baked ddgi always revert back to false.

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