Lighting/Shadows/Texture Flashing

Surfaces/Shadows/ Lighting is flashing rapidly between a shade of light/ dark. No performance loss. Occurs more frequently and stronger in a match.

Config files I have changed:
rt_checkerboard_reflections = false
rt_light_quality = false
rt_mixed_reflections = false
rt_particle_reflections_enabled = false
rt_reflections_enabled = false
rt_shadow_ray_multiplier = 0
rt_transparent_reflections_enabled = false
rtxgi_enabled = false
rtxgi_scale = 0


Could you attach your entire user_settings.config file here?

It would be super if you could upload the entirety of the darktide_launcher.log (which happens to print everything in the user_settings.config and a bit more). :slight_smile:

I ended up fixing it by doing some more research. My “rtxgi_scale” value in user_settings.config was set to 0. Set it to 1 and was fixed.

Thank you for keeping us updated, I’m pleased to hear that!