RTX still on even after the "bugfix" with rtx

Issue Description:
RTX Come backs after read only notepad with user_setting is off and re-lunching the game after
Steps to Reproduce:
you set your user_setting on %appdata% in fatshark folder with darktide on user_setting to the notepad and then you change
rt_checkerboard_reflections = false
rt_light_quality = false
rt_mixed_reflections = false
rt_particle_reflections_enabled = false
rt_reflections_enabled = false
rt_shadow_ray_multiplier = 0
rt_transparent_reflections_enabled = false
rtxgi_enabled = false
rtxgi_scale = 0 <------ from 0.5
after that you set your notepad with user_setting to only read
but if you dont set it it revert the setting back to 0.5 for some reason
the players with rtx sertting will not feel the impact liek 0-10 fps change
but players with worst graphic cards will feel it a lot about 30% fps change

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Reproduction Rate:
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