RTX does not stay off

Issue Description:
After the recent large update, I noticed my RTX option keeps defaulting to “custom”. At first I thought it did not matter or have an impact on my performance, because the individual options where set to “off”.

But after a few days of playing with it defaulting to custom, I noticed I was having FPS drops. So I started switching the option from custom, to off, each time I launched the game, and noticed that I was losing 10-15 FPS on average by not doing this each time.

I deleted my cache/settings/etc. and did a repair, the issue persists, and the game keeps defaulting to custom on launch. If I am not the only one this is happening to, it might be generating performance issues amongst the playerbase as well, they are just chalking it up to something else.

Steps to Reproduce:
Launch game, chance RTX from “custom” to “off”. Play as normal, exit the game. Launch it again, and it should default to “custom”, forcing you to have to set it to off again.

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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Same here. Even editing user_settings.config as per Reddit - Dive into anything does not solve the problem.

I also get lightning bugs with RT ON, so it’s even more annoying.

This, I was starting to believe I was the only one.

The lightning bugs to, so I just turned it off, it was not really worth the fps drops, but then I realized it refuses to stay off XD

If its happening to everyone, depending on peoples system, it must be punishing to there FPS, and further aggravating performance issues/complaints.

I just set RTX off in the launcher, then hit play game, and checked video options in game, and RTX had set defaulted back to “Custom”.

I am also having this issue. I have narrowed it down to the “rt_mixed_reflections” setting being set to “true” in the config file. Has to be turned off manually in the config file, but only after setting Ray Tracing to “Custom”, then you can switch it to “Off” again. If you disable the reflections while RT is on Custom, it can cause annoying flickering on surfaces.

Using those reddit instructions does solve the problem for me, but the game will try to change them after you load into the Mourningstar.

I have the same issue, reactivates each time I launch game. Turning RTX from Custom to Off clearly increases Fps

likewise for me, rtx is always on, perf is bad at rx6900xt @4k. it happened in .52 release

before that it was all fine

I can confirm its happening to pretty much everyone.

I asked random people on quickplay to check.

After setting it to off, they reported a smoother experience.

I felt it as well, I already had mine off, but I am 97% sure peoples FPS/latency drops have an effect on the squad members FPS as well.

I have noticed the following as well:

  • that sometimes when you complete a mission return to mourningstar it sets itself back to custom.
  • THe light glitch in the mourningstar is fixed by opening the video options then closing them again.
  • It sets itself to custom once you hit Play Game on the launcher, regardless of wether u set it off in the launcher options.

It also seems to be an issue with recent RTX updates across multiple games. The Witcher 3 defaulted back to on, but once it was disabled it stopped. I read about a few others but memory.


setting rtx to low, and back to off fixed it for me. at least 2h before the patch.

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Instructions on how to fix this at the thread linked below,


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Delete this post too, leave rtxgi_scale alone.

You know how to fix the issue without changing rtxgi_scale? This bug is annoying.

Nice to see you again.

@sant - Here are the instructions. You do not need to change the rtxgi_scale setting.


Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. I followed your instructions, twice. No effect.

Additionally setting rtxgi_scale to 0 makes indoor levels, like new maps, look like Power Supply Interruption :grin:


@sant - The instructions do not require you to touch rtxgi_scale.

That’s the whole point about bad viral info, it’s hard to kill. That viral Reddit thread you linked further up was just a game of broken telephone that still pops-up now and again and people keep it alive.
TDLR, again, leave rtxgi_scale alone as it affects RT and NOT RT lighting too (as you pointed out).
You just confirmed what the dev said 6 months ago:

When you set rtxgi_scale to 0 that means that the baked rtxgi will also be off. While this will give you better framerate, and might be another reason for following the guides gives you better framerate, some levels that rely highly on this baked global illumination for their looks will become excessively dark as they will lack sufficient light contribution in heavily occluded areas. This is the reason why we decided to not support turning off Global Illumination from the settings menu as it makes some levels almost unplayable due to the darkness for which we have no suitable fallback.

The other dude gave you that bad viral info at first, which he later amended at least, when corrected.

I suppose this means there is no working fix yet?

@sant - The instructions I linked have worked for me on 3 different PCs to disable rt_mixed_reflections.

@Chem-Boy Your instructions didn’t work for me unfortunately. I followed them to the letter. Twice.