Can barely run 30fps

I played the beta and some of the release with a pc that had a 5700xt graphics card and it would get 50-60 frames. I just bought a pc that has a 3070 graphics card and the game is unplayable, just in the spawn area the max fps i ever got is 37 and it constantly drops into the lower 20s so playing missions is not an option if i cant get frames without anything going on I love this game but its unplayable

Sounds like RTX MIGHT when you do not want it to be, check the launcher settings and see if rtx in that menu is off or on.

I have noticed how sometimes when you turn rtx off in-game, it stays on in that menu and the symptom persist. I have a 3070 as well and getting well past 70 frames with dlss.

make sure ray tracing is off
some things to check:
update gpu driver
update ssd firmware
update bios
make sure ram is using xmp

You can also check that you have a system managed page file for virtual memory. Seems Darktide uses that one alot.

How do i update ssd, and bios? And how do i know of ram is using that?