Problem with dodging

As you can see in this Video, it is really hard to dodge this type of enemy (marauder?) if they have a certain distance to you. I played the prologue again so i can have a closer look on dodging.
It was good doable to dodge all enemys except for the guy in the Video. Was my timing off?
At the start of the Video i stand very close to my enemy. Its quite easy to dodge.
If i get futher away i can’t dodge nealy any of his attacks. But i still use the same timing.

Whats youre opinion?

For these enemies: If you are standing at a farther distance, it is probably more effective to dodge straight back instead of to the side. I think the attack they make is sort of a cone effect because they can turn a little bit to either side as they attack. Something like this:

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Seems logic. The other enemys you meet in the prologue don’t seem to have attacks like this. Something to keep in mind. The attack anymation doesn’t really tell, that it is different than other attacks you have to encounter. Thanks man.

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