Using dodge when ineffective feels off

So i was feeling the dodging was a bit offsetting when i play. I dodge a lot and know i have to wait a bit to recharge. But when i dodge enough for dodging to become ineffective, i keep on sliding the same distance, but a lot slower. It feels real off when i try to move and is just stuck in that sequence. Would it not be better to reduce the distance you dodge instead of the speed you dodge? like in vermintide 2 your dodge range reduces at ineffective dodges, but here it’s the speed.

It is not as noticeable on lesser agile weapons, since the distance isn’t as long, but on the knife, you can be stuck in that movement for nearly a whole second each.


I can dodge most regular enemies well enough, but its the pox dogs that after the recent change feels like its impossible to side dodge now. Ogryns are also much harder to dodge but barely manageable.

The main issue being the dogs since they trap you without letting you go WHILE hurting you.

Pox hounds need polish anyway

They can literally change direction mid jump