Visible dodge bar

Give us a dodge bar right under the stamina bar.
Looks the same or different doesn’t really matter all it needs to do is tell me how many dodges I can do right now or if I will jump.
When I go to dodge sideways in a big fight it let’s me know if I can slide around or if I’m just gonna do a jump and get hit by poxhounds, mutants or mauler and crusher overheads.

Give me more info on screen.



I would say also make dodge more meaningful. as of now the window is too tight or latency is so bad that I can barely avoid hounds and only sometimes avoid mutants when I am out in the open and watching them run at me. Its freaking stupid. I am getting older but I am not without that much reaction that I should be able to avoid a stupid dog or mutant if I can see them. Push only works about half the time with pox walkers and dogs so thats not a solid option either.

I don’t think the actual dodge needs to change it works well for everything.
The mutant just requires good timing and positioning and lack of lag.
The pox hound requires the same and you can hit them but even more important to have no lag.

If you hear a mutant get off the stairs or your gonna hit since you got no way out.

+1 to this

The main thing I’d like to get changed is dodge interrupting stamina regen. Feels way too counterintuitive atm.
A dodge count display would be great as well. Having had that in VT2 through mods for a while has been a great luxury.
Mutants can be relatively easily dodged by dodge sliding.
Hounds on the other hand can go to hell for all I care.
Dodge? Nope! Push? Hello latency! Frustration? Come on in!

I find if I’m not been overwhelmed just stand near the end of a door and wind up your evis and as they get near they need to fully clear the corner or they jump and hit the door.
That said if your in a fight good luck.

More like: If you’re in a fight get f***ed. :face_exhaling: