Prioritize the base game after WoM?

Personally I would be fine with delaying future DLCs a bit in exchange for some love for the base game.
Really take the time to do the deed and crafting overhauls, go bugsquashing and just polish the game in general.

I love the game and will most likely continue playing it regardless. But if the intention is to work on this game for 5+ years, the foundation needs to be solid.

Now this thread is not intended as a “FS should do this, this is the best course of action”, I was just think I would like to see this and was curious how the rest of the community feels about it.

Would people be okay with something like this?


I love the idea of pausing the content-releases for a bit to focus on getting everything else just right :slight_smile:

I don’t necessarily know if it’s an issue, but I could foresee some problems with doing all of the in-between work right now. I’d rather they tackle one major issue and plenty of bugs as they walk between DLC releases. If they do it all now people will complain about the “lack of content being produced, what do we pay you for?” and the “you guys are stupid for trying to make Brace of Pistols a reasonable weapon”.

I’d personally want them to tackle crafting first; the deed-rework is nice and all, but mostly for players who want a major challenge. Hopefully Cataclysm sates them long enough that the crafting can be dealt with, then a DLC, then the Deed Rework/Lohner’s.

All IMO, that is :slight_smile:


Crafting rework and Lohners cosmetic shop should be first on the agenda. Just give everyone a free DLC with Crafting rework, Lohner’s cosmetic shop, deed rework, night maps and a few new challenges. It’d make nearly everyone happy… to be perfectly honest. If I had to pick between that and WoMs. It’d be hard… Beastmen are cool and all, but all that stuff is far more important to me.


I mean… I don’t know about you, but I’d take Beastmen over practically any volume of cosmetic updates.

Looking cool is neat, ease of access for crafting is great (but I hardly craft anymore; I have no need for it), deeds have never really been important to me (still got like 25 banked for no particular reason), and an opportunity to go “cool, it’s dark out” before playing the level as normal… I’d like all of them and would be very appreciative for any of them :slight_smile: but none of them actually add to the amount of fun I’d have.

Beastmen add to the amount of fun I’d have. My favorite part of Vermintide is the gritty melee combat with all sorts of crazy/creepy/gross enemies; adding another one just makes me want to slay more!

As always… that’s all IMHO!


I agree. I personally just really need new things to do. New weapons to play with, new enemies to kill, new challenges to overcome. I’ve been keeping myself away from the game to avoid further burn-out, before the expansion comes out.

Things such as the mentioned crafting rework, deed modification, cosmetic shop would be cool indeed, but I personally don’t care about them all that much.
It won’t bring anything new/refreshing (which is something I’m trully interested in atm).
There will always be bugs, crafting is annoying but I can deal with it, cosmetics… eh… I like them, but there really isn’t anything super interesting in the game anyways.


This is pretty much exactly what I think too, and I was actually thinking if I should make a new thread about it. I did comment in Discord already, though.

WoM will bring us a new enemy faction, new weapons, Talent rework and a new difficulty. Those will already bring a lot of new stuff to the game, and the Weaves could actually bring significantly more if they’re done well. That means we don’t necessarily need a lot of completely new content (maps, mainly) that soon, as we can still play all of the now refreshed content.

What we still also have, is a bunch of asked-for and promised enhancements to the game: Deed rework, Crafting overhaul, balancing for weapons and (especially) equipment attributes, Lohner’s Emporium… And of course, there are a bunch of bugs still asking to be squashed.

So before even hearing about announcements of new DLCs and such, I’d love to see FS focus on finishing at least some of the things that they’ve started or that have been asked for a long time. I believe that would bring much more value to the game than a couple of new maps or a bunch of cosmetics, especially now that WoM is bringing in some new winds (ha) to the game.

I’ve no doubt that some of this (at least weapon balancing and bug-squashing) will happen in the immediate aftermath of WoM, but this goes beyond that. The Emporium was supposed to come out a long while ago, but WoM pushed that back. The item attributes have been horribly unbalanced since the Big Balance update and before. And the Deed and Crafting systems have been and are a big source of frustration to a lot of players, new and old alike. And as an added bonus, there’s also a dire need to help new players to the game with an intermediate tutorial that explains thing about attack patterns, dodging, consumables and all such things - the game is quite complex to figure out alone and external resources aren’t a good way to learn for a couple of different reasons.

…It might be worth it to also ask Reddit’s opinion on this, as that’s another big section of the active community.


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