Content before expansion?

Hi guys!

I would like to ask a simple question. Do you plan something for the game before the beastmen expansion? For example new weekly reward? Maybe change the deed system? Cause I red you have in mind something similar but I dont know do you plan it before or after the expansion

I think both of those things (deeds rework and weeklies cosmetic shop) are to come before the expansion. Not sure tho

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As I’ve understood it Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders will come out whenever it’s deemed ready, and judging by the devs’ comments mainly in streams, it could be soon indeed. Certainly, it’s hoped to come out before WoM (and I’ve got the understanding that internally, it was originally planned to be out around now or even earlier - but nothing was announced except that it’s coming).

As for the Deed rework, the best I’ve gotten out from random comments (again, mostly in streams) is that there are ideas and plans for it, maybe even some things in internal testing, but it’s not even close to being done. Unless something interesting happens (or my understanding is wrong), that one’ll likely come out after WoM, as the devs’ hands are pretty full with the expansion.


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