Heroic Deeds Revamp when?

It was mentioned by Tim and Tom during a live stream from 8 months ago that the Heroic Deeds were in the works at being redone and reworked.

I tried to find the video from Fatshark’s Twitch but it appears to have been deleted.

I haven’t had a single Heroic Deed drop since October.

When should we expect the Heroic Deeds revamp to come to Vermintide 2 and when will the drop rates increase?

I’m only asking because it was never mentioned again after that stream.


I remember hearing on a stream that the deeds rework and Lohners emporium of wonders will come out sometime after Winds of Magic is released.

I think they are putting most of there manpower in to the expansion right now so we will probably not see much till it’s good and done.

I’m still wait for another chance to get A copy of Bardins songbook😉


I’m also waiting for it but are you sure it wasn’t the stream where they said it was always being discussed but not prioritized?

Then Kappa

No, it wasn’t. I was watching the live stream at the time. It was the stream that occurred one week before the Halloween announcement.

A viewer had asked about the Heroic Deeds and if there were going to be changes specifically if there was going to be a lobby for it and Tom (guy with beard) said there was definitely a Heroic Deed rework in the process. Unfortunately, that was all he said. I remember he said definitely. That was 8 months ago but that stream has unfortunately been removed from their Twitch videos.

He made it sound like the Heroic Deeds changes were coming soon. It’s been almost a year now.

During the anniversary I think they said it’s still in the works along with a cosmetic shop. Obviously they’re going to be pumping all their manpower into WoM. I’m surprised you even still care, didn’t Fatshark refund you the game? Or did you miss the game so much that you repurchased it that quickly. I don’t blame you, it’s a damn good game.


Actually, when I contacted Hedge for my refund, he never responded back but posted a reply to all of my angry negative posts to contact him for a refund then locked those posts immediately so I wasn’t able to respond to the post.

Since I’m not going to get my money back, I’ve been helping low level players complete Champion/Legend. It’s been really good practice for them in helping them learn to play.

Also, my best friend @rat still hasn’t gotten his WS legend outfit. We’re halfway there!

Ofc, the game totally took a dump on me during Legend Against the Grain last Monday. I got left by myself because the 2 randos ran off and my friend fell through the map.

I had to fight 2 full hordes and 3 CW which raised my BP sky high. By the time I made it the respawn point, I heard a leech, I dodged it as I forgot to reload my handgun.

After I rescued one my friends, 2 more Leeches spawned side by side with no teleport sound grabbing us instantly after they spawned and it was game over. Literally had no chance to react.

Leeches are only a threat if you cannot hear them. I can dodge them 100% of the time if they make their teleport sound. The instant grab when they spawn was supposedly fixed last year but it comes back from time to time.

Sometimes the game cheats though.

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