Poll: What should the devs focus on?

Okay, it seems that some of the noise over WoM and 2.0 has died down, and I think it’d be a good time to look at what the community thinks of the future of development. So I decided to take a cue from another user (thanks for the idea, @SmokerT69) and make a poll about it.

Disclaimer: Bug fixing I expect to be a priority and on pretty much everyone’s list regardless, so that’s not included as an option. Similarly, balancing and tweaking WoM and 2.0 isn’t nearly finished yet, so it was left out too. Otherwise, I’ll open up the options more underneath.

What do you think FS should focus on next to make you feel the game’s getting better?

  • Trait and Property balancing
  • Talent balancing
  • Other balancing
  • New maps
  • New cosmetics
  • New Hero or Careers
  • Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders
  • System reworks (Deeds, Crafting)
  • Other (please specify in comments)

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More about the options:

  • Traits and Properties have been out of balance since the release of the game, and haven’t been touched much. Their reworks have also been requested for quite a while.
  • 2.0 changed the Talents by a lot, and while a lot of about them got better, there still also are significant problems.
  • Especially after 2.0, there are other things to balance, too. Weapons aren’t equal, and neither are the enemies. Combat mechanics also feel unfair for some.
  • New stuff, - be it something to play, something to play with, or just something to make you look fancy - is something that’s constantly requested. I want to see how much weight people place on them, though.
  • Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders is an upcoming feature, an in-game (only) shop for cosmetics and possibly other things. It was originally supposed to come out before WoM, which made it seriously delayed. It seems to be quite directly linked to getting new cosmetics, so I considered combining the two, but in the end decided against it, as they are still separate features.
  • I could’ve separated the system reworks, but both Deed rework and Crafting rework have been requested for a long time. Both are also a source of not-insignificant frustration to many players (arguably, crafting is the single biggest one). Other systems that could use a look may also exist.
  • Finally, I can’t think of everything and some of you may have opinions outside the presented options. I’d like to see them.
  • Talent balancing: the changes have been a step forward… but there are still mandatory choice and useless talents; and tHP talents: we should gain more white health.

  • Other balancing: Beastmen for first. They have unfair mechanics and they overshadow the other factions… later also careers are unbalanced (Huntsman and RV are still the “worse” ranged careers; if I want be a pure tank, I always will choose IB over FK).

  • Other: there are many bugs (enemies spawn on your back, bugged sound, enemies walk though wall, hit registration problems, etc etc)… but also gameplay itself, I would like a larger dodge window, less spongy enemies, final events that are too much… Legend should let expert players to farm also in qp.


I chose “other”, purely as I feel the way players are rewarded for their time is absolutely awful.

Considering there is a thread detailing people being at 70-80% loss at Legend now, there need to be a long hard look at how players are rewarded, for anything.

ALL of the desirable things are earned through Legend, Achievements, Okri Challenges, New armour skins, New weapon Skins, possibility of increase in drop of Red Weapons and the more desirable frames are all through Legend play. The difficulty level now puts these items miles out of the grasp of the average or competent player. As an example, very very few people would get the Snowing Frame from the winter event of lighting bonfires or whatever as getting halfway through legend is cause to buy a round of beers.

Let’s say players automatically get some Lohner Tokens from every chest. 1 Token from Recruit chests, 2 from Veteran, 3 from champion, 4 from Legend and 5 from Cata. Maybe some from Commendation chest too.

A very simple hat available in The Shop is 25 tokens and so on. You could put Legend Only Hats, Cata only hats, Champ only hats and so on for everything. Every weapon skin, every armour skin, a bunch of frames and so on.

Of course people could speed run 25 recruit runs to buy their hat. Make some items Cata only, or Legend only or make a system where 2 tokens at recruit need be melted down to get a Veteran one, and so on.

At least then people aren’t at the mercy of wind and tide for whatever they want. Deeds could give tokens, existing materials could be converted into tokens, Twitch could give tokens and so on. Completing CATA Twitch + Deed should give you tons of tokens. Completing FoW Should give a bunch of Tokens extra. Scrap crafting screen completely apart from Using Tokens to Upgrade weapons from orange > red.

Those who can play CATA would get their CATA only hats or frames or skins. EVENTUALLY someone at recruit could also get that hat, but it’d take hundreds of hours longer. EVERYONE gets rewards for enjoying their play.

Currently everyone is having a psychotic episode about the difficulty because Legend is the only way to get anything any good. By redistributing the rewards across the difficulties, and giving those who can complete Legend/CATA higher rewards would engage everyone at all difficulties and stop the need for everyone to play at Legend, even though they’re getting wrecked.

Bugs. Please someone fix the bugs. I’ve put it in because bug fixing hasn’t got a great track record. I saw a CW moonwalk 20 feet backwards yesterday.

I’d also daydream about putting player-made frames into the game as there are some amazing artists who could do some amazing things.

[pointless info] Whenever I type FoW my brain thinks Fissure of Woe from Guild Wars 1. Brainwashed by an Acronym.


There is literally no point asking for this or polling it, it all falls on deaf ears.

QoL, cosmetics, maps have all been asked for aplenty; but the discord group wanted cheaterboards so there was a way to boast to the rest of us plebs who play a cooperative game for coop or setting and NOT to dominate the competition, so here we are. (Remember, “dominate the competition” is Fatsharks words, not mine. An extremely revealing comment, by the way.)


I don’t think anyone requested leaderboards.


Okay, you think that.

I think it is pretty obvious since its been introduced permanently into the game, that someone wanted it there - it certainly isn’t something I’ve ever heard anyone want or advocate for, in fact, the closest thing in the game to cheaterboards previously, is hated by lots of people in the community because of the behavior it encourages. Cheaterboards are green circles on steroids.

So now we have a useless feature that appeases the “ELITE” players of their feedback discord.
How about some content their actual playerbase wants, yeah?

Or just quality of life fixes, seesh. If V2 had as much respect for players time as F2P games do(which isn’t a lot), it’d be an improvement with the joke and cluster that is and has been crafting since the betas.


Oh boy, we back to that discord again? If you must know, the discord pretty much echoed the forums on everything. I was just as salty about changes on there as I am here, as were others. Either way, I don’t think that’s what this thread was made to discuss.

As for the poll… new characters :joy: I’m sorry guys, but I can be easily bought. Give me Geneviève Dieudonné and I’ll look the other way at everything else :joy:

Deed and crafting rework as well. It’s probably been the most requesting thing by the community for a while. If I remember correctly, earlier this year they said they were working on it but it got pushed back.


Other- You know what we need? MORE LEADERBOARDS. All weaves should have a time trial board for 1-4 players. Also we should cut out any weaves below legend. Just 10 weaves at legend then into cata. Also even though the crafting works we should just let players equip traitless weapons. This is supposed to be a trial and I think that without them the weaves would be more of a challenge and more challenge the more fun right?

On a more serious note I don’t really like this poll. Deeds and crafting rework should be seperate options. Also cosmetics and Emporium are kinda the same thing. And even though I want weaves to die in a fire I think improving weaves might be on some players list.

Thanks for confirming people wasted their time trying to help a game they’re passionate about, given the the lackluster(understatement) engagement on the forums during the last internal beta. People on the discord were at least given information or insight, where as there was what… four, five replies in total on the internal beta over the span of five weeks? Though truth be told, I expected a "community hero"to be snarky and rude. :slight_smile: Isn’t that the norm so far?


That Discord gonna come back more times than a Necromancers Favourite Zombie. It’ll never truly die.

And the fact it echoed the Forums and STILL got ignored makes it worse.

[edit] ninja’d.


It’s hard to point at any one thing to be able to say ‘this is probably what needs help or adjusting’ because the game is just in a really weird spot now, and I still haven’t been able to shake off the idea that most of it was unnecessary. I’m content in just trying to wait things out a bit longer - at least until the Deep Rock update hits later this year - and then shrug it off and hope that when they inevitably change the game again in 2020 it’ll be something I like this time.

It’s nice to see people trying to rally discussion and the like, though, so I do hope it stays constructive.


I think you’ve got some right ideas about when its worth coming back, if at all - for the current state of the game and available (pandering) content, it just isn’t in a good place.

Vermintide 2 already was suffering from a content drought, and WoM doing close to nothing to remedy it, the period between WoM and the next DLC, whatever that is, isn’t going to be particularly nice I think. I know I’m pretty fed up.

If only we had the power of foresight, eh? (Also DRG is fantastic)

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Feels worse because it feels like so much of the coming months will be spent fixing the content that I didn’t want which makes the content I do want even farther away.


I was quite torn actually on what options to keep separate. Emporium indeed seems quite tied to us getting extra cosmetics, but as I personally don’t see them as being strictly tied together (and with the delays the Emporium has already got) I decided to separate them. The two system reworks could’ve been separate, but as both have been asked for a very long time, both rework existing systems, and (imo) integrating Deeds into the crafting system would solve a bunch of their problems (rarity, low-difficulty ones and unwanted modifiers filling up inventory), I decided they have enough in common to put them in as one option.

And yeah, I could’ve put WoM or its parts in there, but as I said in the beginning, I don’t consider any of it ready as such and just presume it’s going to be a focus for a while. I also wanted to keep this somewhat separate from WoM discussion (thought it’s unavoidable that it will get pulled in). I still think there’s one or two more options that could’ve warranted their own options, but can’t figure out what they’d be…

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Ok well if we say that somehow in the next couple of months bugs are all fixed and beastmen get balanced. Then yeah hats and maps, ya know the stuff that I wanted going into WoM.

Really the only thing that I want less than I did going into WoM is the deeds overhaul. I think that’s mostly because they should have been what I guess weaves became. Deeds had the potential to really expand the variety of Vermintide but they kinda fall in the realm of more hardcore content. And at this point I feel like the next content expansion should fall more in the adventure and fun content realm more than the dedicated and seasoned player domain.


I imagine it will take a few months for things to stabilize, but at the very least you aren’t paying anything during the wait. Makes it an easy game to pick up every once in a while, even if the pug experience has been made mostly a nightmare. Something DRG has going for it, at least, until fatshark can sort things out.

I’m feeling more zen than disappointed about it for whatever reason. It’s alright - better luck next time and all that. I only wish there were more co-op experiences these days so the waits were easier.

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No weave related stuff in the poll, what the hell ???
I want seasons that last 1 month with a complete whype of everything :triumph:
Weaves are the end game content of this game and all the focus should be put into expeding them, the community wants it and the community needs it :triumph:

Damn, now I remembered one option that I really should’ve put in (and planned to, when I was planning this poll earlier): More mod support, including mod tools and another wave of approval. Well, for now that’d need to be included in the Other option.


Maps, and fixing the stupid RNG crafting. And maps.

And then more maps.

And then? More maps.


I voted for “other balancing”. Bots in particular need to be overhauled. They were almost competent before winds of magic, and a good player could win legend games most of the time (unless spawns were particularly unlucky) with bots. However, with all of the difficulty changes the bots die very quickly on Legend, and might as well not be there on Cataclysm. They need to be able to respond better to various threats.

The “rng simulator” that is Cataclysm should be addressed too, but it’s not as important imo since a good team can still clear it even when things really go bad.

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