Premium cosmetic shop rotation


Can you just remove the timer and put all the cosmetics in the shop already?

Or rotate all 3 pages weekly


No, let’s be real, the ONLY reason to have a shop rotation system like they have to is motivate people into impulsive buying decisions because they think if they don’t act fast it’ll be gone again and they’ll have to wait another rotation for their next chance.
It’s done on purpose, and everyone knows it, but whoever is in charge of the design decisions doesn’t seem to care.


There is an other purpose.

If there are 50 cosmetic options and you can look at all of them at the same time, you can compare them all and pick your favorite.
You probably like 10 of those things, but you only buy your 1 or 2 favorite things. Then you buy nothing else.

If you are only shown 5 options, you probably buy your favorite thing out of those 5.
But it is likely that this pool of 5 things does not include your overall favorite out of the 50 options that exist.
So you show the people 5 options and they buy their favorite out of those.
Then you show 5 more options. Maybe there is something better in there, so they buy that.
Then you show them another 5 and then another 5 and so on…

This way, by the time you see your overall favorite option (after buying it, you stop buying others), you will likely have bought a bunch of other things (maybe 6 of your top 10 favorites) that you do not like as much, which you would not have bought if they had shown you all 50 options at once.


Someone knows his sales theory.

There is another factor. When presented with choice, too much choice will have a disparaging effect.

The ideal number of options to choose from is two, because our brains are wired to make snap decisions.
You can still get away with three. 5 is the rotten number. If you have more than 5 options, you will have too much choice and lose interest.
Ergo, three pages.


The easy way to do this is to have 3 pages of highlighted cosmetic bundles, and then sell the rest in the catalogue at full price.


Gotta feed into that FOMO.


Is it still FOMO when they say they rotate everything back in with 100% guarantee, though?
It’s a soft FOMO then I guess.


Yes, it’s still a FOMO because you don’t know when the chest piece or the pants or the weapon camo or whatever it was will reappear.

You didn’t want to buy them when they were in the store. Later, you put together a cool set that only needs the item you didn’t buy to be complete!

Guild Wars 2, which I also play, has the same problem. I’m waiting for the “Imperial Wonders Mount Adoption License” to rotate in so I can buy a certain skin that I want for my Skyscale.

The last time it was available in the store was November 2022 when I took a break from the game.

Will the adoption license get rotated into the store during November this year?

Nobody knows and that’s the FOMO.

The only thing we know is that the adoption licensewill rotate in again some day, but it might not be this year. Might not even be the next.

Rotating stores is psycologically hostile towards the consumer and FOMO.


The timer is FOMO. Baiting you to make impulsive purchases before the time expires.
Not knowing when the displayed items will be back into rotation, that’s also FOMO. Also trying to bait you into an impulsive purchase, because the uncertainty.
Heck, I’d argue having items on rotation is a bit shady to begin with. Let us see all the stuff you got.


Hilariously enough, there is also a mod for that. But it’s delisted on Nexus now, you need the actual link to get it.

There is some cool stuff still, but the majority of the catalogue is actual recolors or armor detail variations of the current penance skins. I’d estimate, about 70 or so percentages.
Most of the cool items have at least one recolor, too.

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So the shop rotated today and they brought back something that was there not long ago, so we have to wait another 2 weeks to maybe get something new… thats pretty much 1 month wasted. Can we please get rid of the rotation and put what’s available in shop?


that is such a fraud, i thought they would refresh all three pages.
but no, that would be too much effort.

I don’t like the rotating shop because it feels anti-consumer. So I only bought one cosmetic with the aquilas I was given early on so I could have my battle sister zealot.

Fix this, and I’ll be happier supporting the game through cosmetics. There are some cool ones.


Vermintide 2 had a perfect cash shop. Just copy that. I still have my Aquillas from the Imperial Edition left. For me it’s not FOMO… just that I won’t buy something if I don’t know what else is available.


Exactly, I remember sometimes I was taking breaks from vermintide 2 and when I came back id buy everything I wanted.

I put so many hours into V2 so there it really felt like I didn’t mind parting with a bit more cash to help the development create a game that I was clearly passionate about.

V2s crafting system was also terrible, but at least you could work around that once you had grinded enough red gear.

Could Fatshark Remove fomo and predatory shop. Make them earnable in game.

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no, never.

remember when they said you could earn the currency ingame?


Never going to happen. Fatshark fishing for whales.


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