Positive side of human nature

A strange phenomenon I keep seeing in Darktide.

You notice how even though players get downed the rest should not put themselves at risk and just head to extraction. But most of the time they seem to want to come back for rescue, even though there is no additional mission reward for doing so and even do it anyway when it isn’t safe.

There is a nice endorphin release when helping someone with revive, healing, deploying ammo/heal crate or pointing out pickups, then someone says thank you. Bit like how someone drops their groceries on the street and you help them pick it up.

Anyone else noticed this? It is like people do it out of principle of not leaving anyone behind. The whole squad reaps the same rewards even if less people extract successfully.

Maybe I was too used to ugly side of human nature from playing Apex Legends that such acts of human kindness surprises me.

You do get a huge endorphin boost from helping others in this game.

Now that I think about it. This is what draws me to the game or PvE coop in general. Is it same for you? But playing randoms does actually feel like you’re playing with friends in this game. What do you think?

Not many games I know where if a team fails a T5 it’s always gg nt

Boring story time, cool story bro:

Reminds me of when COD Warzone 2 was released. You had to head to a highly defended point to attack a certain enemy to drop the sort after M13B AR. People would spend evenings, days and a week to try to get it, then extract safely or lose it.

I got it by running someone over in a truck by accident. Felt kind of bad because the game has proximity VoIP, which still keeps active for few secs after death and kid was giving me grief.

People on discord were moaning about the difficulty or asking if anyone had the weapon unlocked. So spent many evenings to squad up with people from discord to drop my weapon, let them extract with it, then I lose access to my weapon for a small period as penalty. Repeat. I don’t know why I did it, felt kind of good to give away something that was difficult to obtain.


few people talk about this, but it is one of the underrated aspects of tide games (other games too)

video game solidarity clearly does exist

i guess its just part of human nature

it is also one of the reasons that make playing the highest levels of difficulty enjoyable…cause you REALLY benefit from being able to rely on your teammates


I don’t think I’ve ever played a match where if someone got downed on the way to the Valkyrie, we didn’t stop to rez them before ending the mission. It’s cool how these kinds of games unconsciously foster that “no man left behind” spirit, even if it’s all strangers.


Honestly? I believe this should be incentivized EVEN MORE. Some of my favorite moments in Deep Rock are going back to try and save someone before leaving. There should be some sort of reward for each person that makes it to the Valkyrie.

Additionally, it seems that some missions have no, or very low enemy spawns when the Valkyrie arrives. I think there should be enemies continuously spawning, to make going back to save someone a more difficult task.

Honestly I was disappointed that some of this stuff was implemented as part of the on launch game. Especially with how Deep Rock, and now Starship Troopers both make it a lot more meaningful to escape with as many people as possible I was hoping FS would implement something like that on launch.


Now that i think about it, we always went to pick up captured teammates after the last factory door opened even though it was literally pointless waste of time. Guess it just feels nice to escape together.

Would be nice if additional rewards were added depending on how many people got to extraction.

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I WILL go back to get you even though there is no value in doing so. I’m not leaving you behind.


I leave people behind all the time because I’m a bastard


It’s why I generally prefer PvE games compared to PvP games in general.


Leave no dwarf behind!
Though, trying to save someone from ass, they put themselves in to, is the most common reason for me to die.

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Had a hiint shock game today where I was last man standing with 5 hp, the objective just finished and my team was telling me to leave. So you know what I did? I kited around the arena until they respawned and ressed their asses! We all walk into the stormraptor or no one does.


Rock and Stone!

Seriously, between the mangled bodies left behind by the traitors, and the enemy elites constantly shouting “fresh sacrifices!” you’d better believe I’m motivated to make sure we all make it the Valkyrie together by mission’s end. :+1:


LeAvE nO dWaRf BeHiNd!!!

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