Please god, delay this game for another 6 months

"Thank’s to everyone who participated in the Closed Beta Test this weekend.
We collected tons of data and got so much feedback we need to sort.
This will help us improve the game for our planned release.

Thank you very much - The Emperor Protects!"

Disagree sorry.
My friends and I had a blast and sunk 20+ hours into the beta, and all preordered the game as a result.

Criticisms about limited weapons, map variety, & cosmetics are all void, they obviously held these back for the full release build.

Full speed ahead for a November launch! There are tens of thousands of people who thoroughly enjoyed the beta.
Great work Fatshark team!

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I think @Aqshy is recovering from an operation on an Earhole. Maybe having some kind of 40k vox receiver fitted or something~ Possibly out of commission here for a little while while the prayers of the Omnissiah are filtered into the hearing unit.

Oh I enjoyed it on the whole, and don’t think a Dev team are likely just to whack another delay on it and my only real bugbear was the horrifyingly slow progression.


I played 19 hours of the beta by Saturday and I was bored to tears by the end that I had no interested in playing again on Sunday. Instead, I played WH40k on Tabletop Sim with my other friend I played Darktide with because the general consensus of my group of friends was the same. It’s just a bland game. On all of our accounts, VT2 is in the top 3 games we’ve played but we couldn’t even stomach playing another day of Darktide.

If I didn’t spend so much time complaining about Winds of Magic, I probably would have never made an account on these forums and thus only did the survey of this game. There’s thousands of players who would have done just that very same thing. I say please delay the game, at least until late December but I’d prefer April.


I agree with this. For me the most glaring issues are:

  1. Lack of proper UI. The UI is dog shait. What the hell if Finesse, what is Stopping Power, what is the difference between 50% cleave bar and 75% cleave bar? +10% damage? Cool, but where is my damage listed?

  2. Classes are half-baked. Psyker is 98% head pop spam in Diff 4-5. That’s not good gameplay loop. It will not get OP staple, but also it will die fast as it will burn out players really really fast. Ogryn is way too squishy, he needs more damage reduction, more thoughness and his greande needs full rework asap as it just suck balls. Zealot is just… smaller Ogryn? Charge and melee, great, what a interesting approach. I hoped for some team buffs, shout to Emperor that will buff teammates etc. You just copy pasted Zealot from V2 to Darktide. That’s just too lazy even for you Fatshark. Only Veteran is good if someone likes his gameplay to be just generic FPS loop. But his ult could last longer but having longer cooldown.

  3. AI of enemies is just stupid. On Diff 5 special just stand and do nothing if there is too many enemies, elites can’t reach you, they just stand behind, range enemies stop shooting you once you are in the middle of enemies (unless you are Ogryn…)

  4. Many enemies are janky as hell, sniper once has sound, once not. Dog has erradic movement, bugs through walls, can’t be staggered while running, trapper net can pull you up even from different elevated position.

  5. Perfomance needs more work. It wasn’t optimized at all for mid-range PCs. Not to mention that why the hell RT was on even on GPUs that don’t support it.

  6. Weapons… I will just say one thing and one thing only: Chainsword. How could you butcher the MOST ICONIC weapon of 40k and make it big pile of trash. That weapon sucks, the special attack sucks, animation locks kill you, chain doesn’t even move on attacks, poor damage, poor cleave, no armor penetration. This weapon as symbol of 40k needs MAJOR REWORK ASAP.

Game should be delayed few more months. Don’t release another cyberpunk 2077 or vermintide 2. Be smarter than that. Listen to feedback, don’t live in Echo Chamber.


It has become better but it’s definitely still a case of silent™

I don’t get why people would think that we don’t get what we see. Even if it’s a build from 2 months prior.

Quote from zaygr

Also I believe this guy has a point:


Vermintide 2 had a way greater release than they expected. It led to some issues but also a lot of sale, obviously. The thing is though, that so many people never touched the game again after playing through all the maps once. So many people lost interest (foremost because of the progression system) and I don’t know any long time player that doesn’t agree that the progression system only serves as a barrier 90% of the time.

Of course both slow progression and OP:s concerns are valid. Player retention would be appreciated by everyone, and it would be a shame if a similar drop-off happened due to Darktide sporting a similar crappy progression system. No, of course I’m not saying that the progression system was the only reason behind player drop-offs… It would also be a shame if people game up the game early because of a lack of depth or a plethora of bugs :lady_beetle:.


Put her back in, she’s not done yet!
This game will not be ready by the announced release dates.
Even if they fix the countless bugs,
even if they fix the combat
even if they fix the audio issues
even if they fix the graphics issues
even if they radically improve the UI
the game doesn’t have enough content in it. Not enough classes, weapons, maps, or game mechanics in general. It’s not done yet.

Too bad, I really like the game. Or better said, I like its potential to be great.


Oh my sweet summer child.


The Closed Beta test will not contain all game content. We will be limiting weapons, maps and missions, enemy types and other systems.



They did, seriously did no one watch the video?
It has been made clear numerous times that there was only 16 weapons out of the 40+ (i think), and 4 maps in the beta and that cosmetics and gear etc was only going to be limited.

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My main beef is the class system is just straight lifted from V2, severely pared back by each archetype only having one class. That you can’t blame on the game being beta because they announced that that’s what’s going to come out on launch.

Maybe the gear progression and itemisation might be good enough for it to carry the game (like V1), but I’m providing feedback on why the character progression seems so lacklustre.


Game was fun enough to be released The way IT was Even with all The Bugs and glitches. Pre-ordered with imperial edition♥️

I was there with v1-v2 didint mind them either with all their problems.

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Yeah i agree, the lack of sub classes and abilities is a tad disappointing, i do hope they release (for free) sub classes and quickly.

Please, no more delays! I had an absolute blast in the beta and I want to get back in the game ASAP.

I do not mind that we only get four classes on launch. For me, combat was fun with all four and that is what ultimately counts in my books. It was not perfect, but it was fun.

Would it be cool to have more classes? Absolutely.
Would it be great to have a more complex and engaging progression system? Totally.
Would it enhance the experience if we had more options in the character generator? Yeah.
Are any of these issues a deal-breaker for me? A thousand times NO.

We all have a vision of what the game should be to be just right. All the player criticism and wishes are fine and dandy, but at the end of the day our hopes are only going to be realized if the align with the developers’ vision. While it is fun to speculate what the game could bring us down the road, it is pointless to expect any of our fantasies to ever actually come true.

Some people do realize that although nothing will ever be perfect at launch, it can still be a ton of fun. Then some others have this weird notion that unless their specific gripes are fixed, the game is total sh*t and not worth playing. The line between fair criticism and total detachment from reality seems to be really hard for some to grasp.

I have my gripes, just like everyone. I did not particularly fancy the clunky UI, but that can be fixed post-launch. It serves the purpose as is. It is fine.

I do wish I could see numeric values for weapons’ attributes, but that too can be fixed later. If the weapon feels good to use in the field, I do not ultimately care so much about its values. For me, good enough is enough.

On that note I did not enjoy all the weapons, but I did enjoy most of them. Having enough fun weapons available is enough for me to have fun in the game.

And I had hoped for a more nuanced and complex character development, but I am not going to turn up my nose because we basically have a carbon copy of VT2. For me, feats are fine.

Based on the beta, I think Darktide is going to rock, with warts and all. I just wish November 30th came faster!

Emperor protects


My guess is that Cesky’s comment should be understood as:
“What you see (during the beta) is what you get.”

Yes, they have been clear that more weapons will be available at launch. There is still a lot of comments about how the weapons feel, how unlocking weapons will work, weapon power progression, etc. They have a subforum for weapons, so they are obviously open to feedback on the topic.

Yes, there will be more maps on launch. Yes, they may look very different thematically. But it’s still possible to give feedback on the maps we were presented with and how samey they feel (to a lot of people).

Yes, there will be less limitations on everything else, but still, there are sub-forums for pretty much every aspect. If the build was outdated and they have changed/have plans to change all aspects that are being discussed, then there would be literally no point in displaying the build and then specifically ask for feedback on the game elements that are being presented.

Most people who followed V2 from release would definitely agree with that statement. The only thing that can be done, from a consumer perspective, is to raise the issues and hope that the developer has the time and want to fix things, and in some cases a delayed release may be much better for a product in the long run.

Wait until next month. There will be a Opne Beta i think. Maybe our change your Oppinion when you see the Game with all the Content that was Cut in the CB.

My takeaway from this is that people apparently had a very different experience to me. Which is completely fair enough, I’m not diminishing people’s experiences. I’m just surprised as I genuinely enjoyed it and people seemed fairly optimistic. I certainly didn’t expect to see this topic.

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Fatshark usually nails the moment to moment gameplay, but it’s the supporting systems that seems to be found wanting.

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No. Its cynical to say u’d been naive. Expecting FS to take some lessons from years of patching and players feedback is within reason.
I mean, it’s not like they are inventing the genre anew. They are doing exactly what they have been doing for years and go like: “What?? U want comprehensive tool tips and weapon stats? How could we have known?”

This may be a bad example tho frankly if I get into it it’ll just work me up too much.

It’s like u go to school for 5years and year 6 u don’t remember how to read.

FS level of Amnesia is not easyly explained. Such a huge discrepancy between reasonable expectations and what is delivered need an equally impactful reason.

I’m gonna be generous and say FS is running severely low on funds. In order to keep the Shark afloat they need to cash in by the end of the year - not in 6months or later.
Obviously they cannot admit that EVERYTHING apart from the core gameplay is missing ( not lacking…Missing!)
My hope is that they are very aware and will catch up in terms of features and content.

I’d like to think that’s rather hopeful than naive. But I’m aware of the delusions I choose to maintain sanity :smile:


"Would I prefer more classes at launch?
Do i think the current classes could have been tailored better?
Do i want to see more in depth improvements on the classes?
Do i think the lack of the above is a reason to delay the game?

Its as simple as that for me. I think Fatshark has 3 options to go from here.

Option 1: Release the game in its current state with the 4 classes, and Monetize cosemetics and each new specialization. Either by 5-7$ pack for each class, or (and the better option for this one) do a season pass style monetization. 10$ pass that gives you access to all new specializations for the year. Then charge for the special cosemetics related to them. The season pass option is acctable to me, and probably most players. It also allows more guarantee to getting income to support the game since people will more likely buy the pass. I personally may not necessarily buy all the classes individually, based on how i enjoy the game.

Option 2: Release the game as is with 4 classes. Monetize the cosemetics only, and release the first 8 classes for free. After the first 8, then monetize the others however Fatshark sees fit. This is the option i would prefer to see.

Option 3: Delay the game, untill you have 8 or 12 classes. Likely for another year or more. This i think is the worse option overall. Fatshark needs to not only pay back its investors with a launch, but also keep paying its employees to add and correct the game. Extending that will likely lead to them having to pay back investors without launching and reduce its employee count due to lack of money. It could release a year or 2 later, or just not release at all. Its 50/50 chance and we have seen games fall into the later.

Overall, i think Option 2 is the best option to ensure the game launches and keeps getting played for a year or more by people. Option 1 could also work, while accetable, i think allot of people would have a sour taste over paying for more classes given so few options. It could result in less player spending overall, as people dont buy the other classes or as many cosemetics."

This is the case i made on my forum post to not delay the game.

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