Please allow us to see ranged weaopon loadout on the "ready?" screen!

This has gotten very annoying lately.

You often run into teams consisting of several of the same class. Which is fine. Depending on when you join in there is hardly any time to switch your ranged weaopon and corresponding feats even if the team communicates their choices to you. and that’s not guaranteed at all ;).

Shouldn’t be too hard right?
I’d argue that seeing the ranged weapons is much more important than the melee ones. On the higher diffculties, where the setup matters most you have to shoot most things anyway.

So as it seems to be hard to show us both, only showing us the RANGED weapons would be a lot more vlauable imo.


Yes please! As a zealot, I run bolt gun and always ask the other zealot if he has flamer and if not, if the team wants me to run it…


would be nice to be able to dodge flamers

Yes please. In fact, let us see our team mate’s entire load out during pre-game, so we can adjust as needed. Would be nice to see what role I need to pivot towards to make the run more successful



In this game knowing what everyone else’s Ranged Weapons are, is so much more important than knowing their melee Weapons.

So you don’t end up with like 4 Plasma guns in a party or 3 Flamers and a Purgatus… or 3 Surge Staves. Its the Ranged weapons when you end up doubling up on them it ends up completely negating them.

Even if you’re not going to do the actual character models showing them with like a toggle switch for Ranged/Melee to see the party’s arms in the beginning adventure screen… then at least put a Text box of some kind showing the ranged weapon of each party member.

Seconding this. Really should just be a standard feature in these types of games.

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Funnily enough, in the closed beta Rejects used to show their ranged weapons by default.

No idea why they switched it to melee for the release. Or why there isn’t at least a simple “toggle” button that lets us see both, like in the inventory.


They probably broke something

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You are absolutely right. I couldn’t care less with what my team mates kill in melee - but as soon as two of the same class are there my loadout should adjust.


Melee just doesn’t have as much of an impact on the gameplay when compared to range weapons. Which is totally fine. But it does not at all reflect ready menu design.

Ironically it makes the ready menu pointless when it could be super handy


First, holy bleep. A thread started by a reasonable request? And it doesn’t devolve into the usual nerdraging adolescents throwing their used toilet paper at Fatshark for not catering to their every whim right this instant! What is this insanity?!

And yes a means to see or display ranged weapons chosen would be wonderful. But please leave the option for melee in - it does matter to Orgyn so we don’t end up with 4 shields in the group.

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The modders have fixed it again. Mission Lobby - Show Ranged Weapons at Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Nexus - Mods and community or Show Weapons In Lobby at Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Nexus - Mods and community depending if you want to always show ranged or toggle between ranged/melee.


Really want to see if the comm link (hopefully) tomorrow addresses any of these actually important QoL/information changes that have been made by mods.

Give them time. First the CMs have to shovel the pile of feces composed of “nerf vets/ powersword” “procedurally generated NOW NOW OR ELSE” “you suck because I can’t have a perfect weapon right this second” etc. And since one wrong move is capable of triggering a horde of nerd-rage fueled basement dwellers screaming about “censorship and FREE SPEECH” they have to go more slowly than they would like.

Eventually they will find the thread.

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I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with anything in this thread? Are you talking about if they take down a mod, or are you talking about if they get rid of “bad” threads?

Also I do feel lots of this should’ve been at launch, or implemented already…I would hope that there are different departments for UI design, new content creation (although sounds like they moved some if not most/all to the base game), and stuff around balance. I am a bit disappointed to have to get a mod for some of this stuff.


gonna add that mods this evening, going with several psyker is always frustrating because of this.

This place is lost. They don’t care and have abandoned this game. The modders have fixed this game in a month where it takes them multiple months. I have realized this now after they fooled everyone with clever marketing. The trailer had cool music and was action packed I thought this game would actually be good. Boy they fooled me.

This. I would like to avoid situations where team can’t deal with hoards / ranged hordes / snipers.

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