Please allow us to see ranged weaopon loadout on the "ready?" screen!

Quite possibly the exact reason this feature doesn’t exist, as useful as it would be. There’s just way too many people who will throw a hissy fit when people aren’t playing the exact way they want the other person to play.

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The mod is not gonna help with that.

It shows everyone holding their ranged weapon (with the skin they have applied), but it does not tell you the weapon name or show the image of the „base“ weapon.
Since all psyker staff skins can be put on all psyker staffs, you will not be able to tell which staff it is.
But for all other weapons it is fine.

I beleive they have updated this recently so each staff now has a specific look. Or maybe only in the store?

They recently changed this:
Previously, all staffs would have the same icon there.

What i meant in regard to the mod is this:
The mod shows the players holding their ranged weapon in their hand.
Unless i am mistaken, it shows everyone’s weapon with the skin that they have applied.
Every psyker staff skin can be applied to all psyker staffs.
So unless the psyker is using no skin (which you can tell by the staff hilt being green), you will not be able to tell which staff it actually is.

As you can see here, i applied a trauma staff skin to my purgatus staff, so for anyone looking at me, it would seem like i am holding a trauma staff (until i use it, and fire comes out).

Hey we cannot have reasonalbe features in this game. What about that vocal minority that is scared people might maybe possibly eventually with uncertainty very angrily write at them that they aren’t playing meta weapons. We cannot have THEM get worked up in their fee fees now could we. Silly you.