Ranged weapon at team screen

I think it would be more sensible to display the ranged weapon in the team screen instead of the melee weapon. Melee wapons do all the same - enable your character to engage enemies at melee range - I know all can do that and don’t need that information.

However with ranged weapons it’s different - if someone already fields a flamer(staff) I might pick something different. If none has a lasrifle I might get one - if two lasrifles are already in the team I might switch to a plasma gun ect.


All weapons determine capability so…

  • players should be able to save a loadout as a Favorite (which saves weapons, curios, and feats).
  • any mission you join, you should see all teammates’ weapons and ideally their feats too.
  • you can then always choose a Favorite loadout to adapt to their choices.
  • if you’re in the 60-sec lobby you can also still customize everything manually.
  • but whether you’re in a lobby or loading a mission in progress you should always see teammates’ weapons and be able to change your loadout before joining.

Excellent ideas - absolutely for it.

This is pretty much what we would need. I don’t really need to see someone else’s feats though since some of them are mostly personal preference and as they are currently they aren’t gamechanging enough to affect other players’ playstyle. But everything else is pretty on the nose.

Only 1 problemo. Staffs. I can use trauma with skin from surge.

Should just tell you what the weapon type is, regardless of skin. Easy fix.

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