Played Freewkend, EasyAntiCheat and Crashes = No buy

So me and my brother were co-op’n some jolly games, joining randoms and we had a lot of fun, 4 man squad’n and covering eachother’s backs in highly intense series of clutch battles was a feeling of comradery rarely experienced in most games. However… after all that effort and clutch saves and barely passable battles we would be met with a crash, nothing happening at the escape portal when we’re sitting there for 10 minutes and easy anti-cheat being chaotic and just throwing security breach errors for who knows what it doesn’t like half way through a match, thus crashing the game.

These interruptions or just massive fun-blocks ruined the experience and makes it impossible to risk a buy. I don’t understand the “tactical” nuke that is easy anti-cheat being needed for a co-op adventure/RPG but it needs to calm its tits If my computer running discord in the background is in the “threat” category.

I have well over 1,000 hours in this game and have had zero issues with Anit-Cheat. I’m on a discord with about 100 other players all with around 1,000+ hours. This seems to be a you issue… I’m guessing you’re part of the group of players who came on the free weekend and hacked. Got caught, and are crying now and review bombing verminitde 2 on steam. Fatshark already stated they will not remove Anti-Cheat, and most of the people I’ve talked to do not want it removed either. So you’re wasting your time.

EDIT: Looks like theirs a convo on steam about this as well.


no. i refuse this statement of people hacking. I too am victim of anticheat crashes since the 1.5 patch. my game worked fine until 1.5, then every 8/10 games is crashed thanks to easy cheat. I’m using SANCTIONED mods, i turn off my mods, reboot comp, and play vanilla style. STILL crashes. Roll-back the patch to 1.4 and remove anticheat!

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@Para-Medic maybe submit a support ticket? There’s always some bugs and issues in most games out there that show up after a major patch, and I’m sure FatShark would be happy to look into it.

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of course i have, i basically flood them with tickets daily after 5 crashes in a row and then i quit playing this awful mess for the rest of the night. I haven’t completed ONE legend run of quiet drink at all. I beat it once on Recruit when I was soloing to microsearch every nook and cranny and that was it. Every pug game i join or host results in crash.

support forums are loaded with crash reports from plenty of other people. I’ve been harping since forever that devs need to stop whatever they’re doing and PLAY THEIR OWN games before releasing to public.

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So, when it comes to bugs and issues with a game, there’s only so much an internal quality assurance group is able to do. Realistically, they will try to catch what they can. Though many times bugs and issues may not even turn up until the patch is out there and exposed to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of computers. My experience so far is that FatShark is receptive to reports of bugs and issues and is happy to look into these bugs and issues. That said, once reported, it will take time to figure out and fix the issues. Coding is kind of complicated, and I would imagine many times what seems like a simple fix could cause unforeseen complications elsewhere in the code. If you’ve reported it, I’m sure they’re looking into it, it may simply take some time to resolve.


This has been acknowledged and Julia said they are hoping to push out a patch today. You can read about it in this thread.

I fail to see what that has to do with Anti-cheat though?

They let us beta test the build for 1.6, and we found a lot of the big issues. They obviously couldn’t let us play the new mission without ruining the suprise. So there was bound to be bugs they missed in that. Perhaps in the future, they can get a few active players to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and let them player test new DLCs/Maps, etc.


Anti cheat is 50% the reason my game crashes regardless of if i’m playing normal quick play or the new event map. Other times it’s an “unknown file” error or backend server error

I don’t care how complicated coding is, if patch 1.4 had no issues, you roll your game version back to a GOOD starting point so your player base doesn’t get pissed off at paying full price for a broken product, especially since it’s a product that is only playable online.

@Para-Medic have you tried any of the fixes on the easy-anti-cheat website? Check out the game issues and troubleshooting sections for VT2. Just trying to help, nothing negative intended.

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It seems 3rd person equipment mod is the problem

try disable it and play

i’ll take a look when I’m home, thanks. The point stands. I don’t understand how V1 was a masterpiece with no problems at all, it ran super smooth, never had a crash issue, vanilla or frameworks installed. But V2 was a mess out of the gate, I bought V2 but didn’t bother actually playing until after patch 1.3 due to all the problems everyone reported.

Do you? I can’t seem to locate any of them.

What solutions did we recommend, and what have you already tried? I’d like to help you, and escalate the case to Easy Anti-Cheat if needed. The likely culprit for your untrusted errors is data corruption.

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I’m sorry for the rant but I had to defend the OP. A potential new player(s) tries out the demo and is met with asinine programming software, states his frustrations and reasons for a no purchase and they’re accused of cheating day 1? I wouldn’t even know where to look for cheats on day 1. If I had to go out and do research on how to cheat a game, that’s already too much effort put forth into something.

So those automatic pop-ups that appear when a game crashes and I have to enter
a reason why the game crashed is NOT automatically sent to the devs? I have to manually enter a support ticket (which I’ve done a time or two) every time? The pop-up states that this is a report that is sent to the devs, was I lied to?

Either ways, you want an actual flood of tickets thru the forums, you got it!

@Para-Medic I believe those crash logs are sent, it also gives you a reference number to put into a support ticket if you’d like to follow up. Those crash logs aren’t actually support tickets in and of themselves.

There’s some confusion here. Yes, the crash reports are sent to the developers.

Support Tickets are submitted at, where we can chat about what you’re experiencing and attempt to debug it.


This would be because people actually did get the game day 1 and use hacks. They were caught and banned. They then complained on the steam forums about being banned and demanded that easy anti-cheat be removed so they can play again. When they were told no, they got a bunch of friends to add negative reviews on the steam page. Their logic was that they bought the game, it’s co-op, so hacks shouldn’t matter. And if they pay money for a game that they can play single player, they should be allowed to cheat.

You’re seriously underestimating the IQ levels of certain people. There was even a thread on this forum recently with a guy complaining to fatshark that his cracked version of the game won’t work. And was asking FS to fix it so his illegally obtained version would work.

For some reason, the game goes bonkers once in while. While in 99% of the time I can play without issues, sometimes the game crashes with various anti-cheat errors, file corruption issues and whatever never-seen-before errors it can come up with. I just restart the game or maybe steam and then everything is back to normal.
If you have too many issues and your install is old (several months) try to un and reinstall the game, maybe something got f*cked up during all the betas and patches. Grabbing all data at once from the source might just get rid of these problems.

@SmokerT69 while that may be true, I didn’t think it was fair to automatically dismiss this complaint as completely illegitimate.

@FatsharkJulia my first post on the forums was a support ticket but I was placed on “new member” hold or whatever, IDK if that ticket even went through. Nevertheless, I’ll copy paste several crash logs into a text file and paste it all in one post every night.
I refuse that my files are corrupt, as I’ve uninstalled/resintalled the game several times and validated all the files. There’s nothing more for me to do on MY end. This past weekend has not been kind to me as I crashed 9/10 times trying to play anything and got fed up with it.

I’m just putting this down again so it doesn’t get lost in the conversation. It’s possible that going through the steps in the easy anti-cheat website’s section for game issues and troubleshooting for VT2 will solve the issue. I highly recommend checking that out when you get the opportunity.

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