Please remove EAC or pls give me my invested money back

Hi there Fatshark,

I am pretty “unhappy” about your latest Patch. I did buy this game without a tool that searching my Harddisk completely and stay in my RAM even after closing your game.

This is what I tell is a Spy-Software. I dont want this on my PC and when you stay with this decision I want an option to receive my money back.

This is my opinion and in times where Spy Data mining is a criminal act I give you the time to react to my wish here.

We are talking about a PvE Enviorment. No need for this harsh company decisions. Moreover this tool crashes Play feeling with less framerates or stutter sometimes. Make an alternative for Public games but remove Tools that eat my PC.

Thank your for listening Fatshark.


It doesn’t matter if it’s PvE, an hacker ruin the fun for everyone.
Every anti-cheat tool scan your sistem, it works similar to an antivirus
So let it run and don’t worry about it, it will not cause problems to you

About the performance issues: they’ll be fixed, let the devs work a bit about how the EAC impact the game


Not for me… i dont care and if i dont like it i can still starting my own game as a host and kick cheater or leave current mission…


I really think these companies are over reaching by having software like this. I did not realize that fatshark was doing this so. This is indeed a concern.

I do not cheat but I am getting frustrated at this general call by people to take away freedom with the hopes that it will improve security. Simply, security is an illusion and no one truly has it regardless of how much precautions you take.


Not for me… i dont care and if i dont like it i can still starting my own game as a host and kick cheater or leave current mission…

That’s not how you protect a game against cheaters, most of people would be annoyed for the presence of cheaters, so please, shut up, the only problem is that it need to be improved a bit

I really think these companies are over reaching by having software like this.

Yeah let’s not put any other software so the game run perfectly and is totally garbage with people cheating, people that doesn’t have the original game and lots more


So you tell me I should Shut Up because you know what most people think?

And I give you another point:
I think most other people dont care as much about cheater in a PvE game as about Spy Software on their PC.

Imho I would say Fatshark should get rid of Eac and make a server based randomize request on public games and kick players who do things that cant be done.


If you join a game and someone with broken characters for a name is running a hack just leave the lobby, how hard is that to do? Oh look, game integrity maintained, your e-honor remains unblemished. Sum Wong Dik from the Philippines still gets to use his infinite waywatcher arrows, and I don’t have to deal with cheat prevention that’s doubled my cpu usage while trying to play.


They are under no obligation to reimburse you. As the purchaser you took on full risk of liking a game when you bought it, and you did not return it within the given limit. You also accepted that the game would be modified or changed at any time via updates. They are not data-mining and neither is EAC. If you have proof of this then you can turn it over to officials, otherwise it’s a baseless claim. You are not going to be taken seriously and buyers remorse doesn’t entitle you to anything.

There are any number of other factors that could be involved with change in your gameplay. FatShark is only responsible for it’s own software, and we don’t know what other changes to your computer have been made during the same time period. You could have downloaded other software in the meantime that has negatively affected your system, but you have not yet linked the two events. If you take the time to run tests and provide actual information on your problem, then they can help. Otherwise you are yelling into the wind.


Just for your info: I work for a goverment and EAC is on their black list. You are not allowed to have EAC on your PC when you also work with it.

I guess they know why they have these rules :wink:

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Because you have it installed on a government computer? And yes it’s on a blacklist because it’s actively reading your memory, which any government entity wouldn’t want. It’s not Fatshark’s responsibility to make sure their patrons don’t install their software on a government computer and then are surprised when anti-cheat software reads memory? I’m really confused at your situation.

You’ve still provided no proof of what you’re saying other than “I work for government, it’s on blacklist” which isn’t proof (of either your actual job or the fact that EAC is actually taking information NOT related to the game). FatShark is not committing a crime, and neither is EAC. If they were, it can be reported, but again you have no proof. Get the proof, then come back. Otherwise this is an exercise in futility.

Also, don’t put personal things on government property. Didn’t we all learn from Hillary?


EAC is a f*cking Virus


EAC is a f*cking Virus

This thing is start to annoys me, it’s like all the posts in other games about “bleah DENUVO is complete s***” come on people let the devs fixing EAC problem and just have fun in the game.
Every popular online game have an anti-cheat system, let it work…

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No, I don’t want what is basically a giant keylogger doing memory sweeps of my PC, you’re clearly oblivious to the nature of what EAC is, its a massive invasion of privacy and has slowed down a lot of peoples CPU. Its punishing people that play legit because a few people don’t who might I add are ultimately irrelevant. If you cheat in a PvE game you are just sucking the joy out of your own play, how does that even effect anyone else? Know what does effect everyone else? CPU drops and a malware program giving you the finger every time you boot up the game.


Furthermore, anyone who knows what they are doing can easily bypass EAC so this won’t even prevent cheats in the longrun.


Cheaters coming up with every possible excuse and argument to demand Fatshark make it easier to cheat.

You guys pull this routine in every game. Guess it took you a few weeks of trying and failing to find an easy workaround for EAC before you got this campaign rolling.

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lul so if you know what you’re doing then just bypass EAC. There must not be many people who “know what they’re doing” since I haven’t encountered any cheaters yet and I’ve played V2 a TON.

There really is not even a negligible effect on pc performance. Just cheaters campaigning to have anti-cheat removed by whining about anything they can make up.

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I haven’t noticed any for the game itself, but sadly EAC will sometimes go bonkers reacting to other software on your computer doing stuff in the background (Discord for example).

I haven’t even tried using any recording/capture software yet, I have a feeling that would cause issues too… Not saying they should remove EAC, but it does mess with some folks setup a lot.


I have noticed a performance hit since the last patch was implemented. Nothing changed on my end but now I’m getting performance hits (lag spikes up to 2-5 seconds ect) and I’m at 50-75 mbps DL. I didn’t have any of these issues prior to this most current patch. EAC related possibly

  1. I have noticable performance issues since the last patch and none before.
  2. I have encountered 2 cheaters (which, arguably, negligible)
  3. Could you imagine for one minute that most cheaters are most likely to play in private games? Why would someone risk exposure to other people if you don’t need them to farm stuff?

KrazyKruber at it again with his expertise on how things are. Classic.


Could someone provide the evidence to back up the claim that this software is reading memory outside of the game and also once the game is not even running?

If true I’d be inclined to agree the software is overreaching and in the refund camp.

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