Disable EAC


  1. Modders will fix this buggy game
  2. I won’t have to re-verify every time you update and just randomly for no reason
  3. Game won’t randomly chug when you decide to implement even more protection because cheaters can bypass this idiot program anyway
  4. I won’t have potentially malicious software on my computer
  5. No one f-cking cares enough about people cheating to sacrifice the game’s functionality in order to prevent it.


  1. It will be easier to cheat for the common pleb

seriously tho, re-verified 4 times today and its still booting me out and all I have running is discord.


I personally understand them using EAC but I find EAC a bit dubious of it’s own…

Pretty sure a mod existed to autokick cheaters in VT1 anyway, it’d beat running EAC on every single machine out there ;-;

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Absolutely. Its frankly incomprehensible that they decided to add EAC of all things into a co-op pve game. The only ones who want an anticheat are those who think that their grind is somehow “invalidated” by others scripting their levels and items. Some really weird priorities, wouldnt you say?

Besides, didn’t Quality of Life modpack in VT1 allow you to ban those who spawned stuff in-game if you wanted? In other words they already had the solution written for them, yet instead they decided to go with EAC?


Come on, use your imagination. I want some kind of anticheat present because I don’t like cheaters showing up in my PUG games, they ruin the fun even if they aren’t being malicious. I don’t play this game to watch someone running around spamming trueflight volley every half a second leaving me nothing to do.

I don’t like EAC any more than the next guy but saying that no one wants anticheat is just ridiculous.


then kick them dur, even when CH is working which has prolly been about 90% of V2s life how often did you run into people using it? Was it really that big of an issue? The more cheaty cheats still work fine and anyone worth their salt is just using a network bypass to make EAC useless regardless.


With mods it is theoretically possible to just straight up crash someone else.

This game needs cheat protection so the “wild west” of the mod realm can feed quality mods into the whitelisting/sanctioning stream, which will then give everyone the chance to enhance our game without having to worry about jerks armed with more than slurs and friendly fire.

No one was crashing other people in V1 and we will prolly have the same playerbase soon


every time I re-verify it picks a new map to auto kick me on when I play it, currently its hunger in the dark, also im on 10 revivifications today.

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I am getting the same problem as you. This time its kicking me out of convocation of decay and hunger in the dark as well. Tried verifying my game cache but it’s still happening.


Sounds like you two should contact support.

As for the “it wasn’t a problem in VT1” argument: official mod support aims to bring mods to way way more people than the QoL pack reached in VT1. Not even counting the expanded player base at the moment, the fact that mods will be easier to get and use means the likelihood that bad actors will abuse them is going to go up.


Solution is simple: allow people to choose between running EAC or not.

I don’t know if this should be done when creating lobby or botting up the game, but allowing people to choose makes everybody happy.
If you choose to not run EAC you might run into longer queue times since you can’t enter a lobby that runs EAC, but you can always turn it on again.

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There is a flag in the config to disable anti cheat. It puts you in the modded realm. I’m not sure if that means the modded realm doesn’t run EAC at all.

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Update: so EAC will not load if you disable it in the loader via the flag. That’ll put you in the modded realm. And, likewise, I believe being in the modded realm means EAC isn’t loaded.

Might be good for you, @Revy and @Chungus, to check if you’re still getting those issues with EAC disabled.

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Just curious did you play any in the modded realm and were there many games going? I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

I’ve been writing/testing mods but haven’t looked to see if anyone else is playing. Just took a quick look and don’t see any other games up. The mod group is still pretty small and getting mod support working is still a bit of a hassle, so I don’t expect to see any games until mods go live with 1.1.


I did what you said, but the problem is I think you cant keep loot playing in modded realm. So I decided to just avoid playing on convocation of decay since that is the map that crashes a lot during the part where you jump into the pit. And I am trying to complete my reds on Krub, trying to get a red GS for the patch when they make it viable. Thanks for the heads up though.


Get rid of it.

Discord is the problem. It’s better to have everything else but Discord running.

Game crashes on start up for me if I even click 1 mod on and try to enter modded realm.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu