Remove/replace EAC

EAC has been fully activated as of This means that it scans your PC looking for active or recently usef cheat programs. While this stops some cheaters, this screws over legit players big time. It’s the same as when your PC does a scan for virus’. It uses your processing power to look through your system.

Before the recent patch, my FPS ranged from 90-130 on the below specs. Now with EAC hogging resources, my fps has dropped to 30-50, maybe 70 if I am inside with barely anything around. Microstuttering is also now present.

This is not worth how crummily the game plays for me now. I’d much rather you swap EAC for something that works like battleye, or just remove it. I really want to play and should I run into cheaters I do what I have already done in VT2: I leave the game and find another or host my own.

My specs…

Graphical settings: mix of medium and off on many settings
i5 6600k @ 4.9ghz
GTX 1080 w/slight oc
16GB 3200mhz DDR4
Game installed on an SSD
3440x1440 100hz 21:9 monitor.


Agree, the overhead is just frustrating. And EAC doesn’t even stop all the cheaters.


I have noticed a very annoying microstutter after the last patch. FPS doesn’t seem to drop but it’s very annoying to play when the stutter is present, it creates almost a motion sickness effect. And this is on a beast OC computer.


So that is where those microfreezes came from. I was starting to play with the setting but this makes much more sense.
Fatshark are really making their game worse instead of fixing it.


I agree it is kinda annoying. It seems like the design of the game makes that necessary, since the client is in charge of sooo much.

I would have designed the game with dedicated servers as game managers and just allowed people to mess up their clients. I mean, it’s a co-op game, right? The only experience you are ruining is your own.


It’s debatable how cheaters ruin co-op experience, if you’re not part of it, you have always option to leave. I don’t think cheating is rampant in this game as there is not much (if any) competitive advantage in it. I’ve yet to see a single cheater myself.

I’ve experienced dramatic performance loss since EAC has been implemented. It needs to go away, it’s seriously ruining the experience. Implement server-wide protection once dedicated servers are a thing, if you deem it necessary, but stay away from client-based solutions. It bites playerbase in the ass and this will turn against you in the end. Act fast.


It does seem to impact lower end the most, but even with OCed 6-core and GTX 1080ti the microstutter is unavoidable. EAC is an extremely heavy handed anticheat and is essentially a root kit that has kernel access and can do whatever it wants. It might be warranted in competitive esport games, but for a coop game with less than a million units sold…?


I am with you! These EAC destroy my playing… Yesterday only on veteran with first horde it wasnt smooth any more. Not really a chance of dodging.
And I DONT want to reduce my settings which worked fine before, only because you build a worse Anticheat system.

PLS change this.

My suggestion:
Instead EAC try this:

  • Difference between private and public games. Let the cheater play only on private games. if they have fun there. Okay fine for them.

  • on Public servers recheck following:

  • HPs - HPs that dont decrease after a hit may be a cheat (without bardin special on active)
  • Ammo - Ammos that dont decrease in the load (also here skill checking)
  • Overcharge - Using flames should raise overcharge
  • F-Skill - F-skill more then once per 2 seconds used are cheating

Do this checks not on PC but do this on serverside, then you dont need EAC and can (atleast on Public games) kick out cheaters of the current games. (maybe then make a randomize system, you dont need to recheck every time, just 3x 10 seconds in every game for every player to reduce server flooding)

Hope you like my Idea.


Here is a thread about my issues with EAC:

I’d like to add that these issues were here for me since the release day. The latest EAC-related patch did not introduce them but it caused my game to stop working with ReShade.

EAC should go. Anti-cheater system should be made in a way that won’t create issues with other applications or stuttering in-game.

There may be other things that can be done to make cheaters less of a problem for players. E.g. allow players to keep a list of other players they don’t want to play with, make kicking and switching lobbies easier and faster etc.


Is this what’s caused such a massive fps drop for me during hordes? I’ve got similar specs to you with a heavily OC CPU and slightly oc’d 1080 as well as using 1440p monitor, and it’s bugged the hell out of me that pre current patch I’d get minimum ~50 fps in a small, detailed area with a lot of hordes with 70-90 average, but now it plummets down to 30-50 during anything intense like a horde. it’s fairly frustrating.


EAC is a virus


Ever since EAC really kicked in I’ve had framedrops too

16GB RAM 3200MHZ
full SSD setup

When I played during beta and in the brief period after beta that EAC wasn’t so heavily tuned I had a lot of extra framerates and could play the game with everything maxed out just fine, now I’ve had to dial back some settings to play comfortably…

An extra note, the game seems to perform worse nowadays (wasnt the case at launch) with multiple screens and anything else open on your main or sub-screens. So I’ll usually have to hide all the windows and open only the vermintide window in order to salvage some frames. (And no this has nothing to do with my screens and setups, works flawlessly in other games, and used to work flawlessly for this one.)


There is no time to get this bugfest of a beta release playable, there is no time to balance anything.
There is however time to implement more and more things that will stop evil cheaters and bugusers which finally just make everything worse for everyone.
Stuff like walls on a boss spawn area, that basically force you to reset the game if the boss bugs out which happens often, keyloggers etc.

Fatshark is derping around with advanced mechanics before the most minor basics even work properly, thanks for that.


I’m also not pleased with the games performance recently. It feels like whenever EAC goes to do a scan the game gets held up waiting for the slowest players scan to finish and it manifests as micro-stuttering for everyone else as they’re essentially being held up until the check completes. That is at least my best guess with my basic understanding of how EAC works.


Here I thought it was just the warming weather getting the better of my rig.

What a shame, seeing how the best mods from v1 came from “cheaters!!11!11!”

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