Amazing anticheat you got there, Fatshark

Join quickplay Legend, Sienna and Elf start shooting me. HP doesn’t go down and the Elf is spamming their power so I record for half a minute and leave.

Their profiles:


People always find some ways to bypass anti cheats.

Luckily the game uses steam. You have evidence there so its easy ban?

There is no perfect Anti-cheat system, same as DRM etc. If people want to crack/hack something - they will.

V2 is not yet super hacked because it’s not as popular as Fornite, BF, Dark Souls or COD series. If it were believe me- EAC would not stand a chance.

Best anti-cheat system of V2 is that it is a niche game.

I’ve seen these, some scummy company is selling the cheats, EAC is basically nothing.

Where to report those cheaters?

it’s the first time I joined a cheater host, everyone including me is invincible (right when join), but only the host can spam his skill like that, at the first time I thought it just a bug but then the host did the same at in the next game.

I’ve witnessed this today - entire group immune to damage.

What’s the point of playing the game if there is no challenge?

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