I got hacker 2~3 days ago and it seems not banned at all

look hp
that elf with 500 deed frame is cheater
he set our hp as 300 and kill every enemy including boss one hit
also use speed hack too

i asked that isn’t it not possible to be banned and
he told me that look at his frame

i dont know but somehow his nick name is not showing on in game
i take sc of his steam profile
if you want i can send it with support

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I dont really get why people who are easily avoided should be banned.
Its not like anyone forced you to stay (and profit) with and from him.
The only reason I can think of is that people who spend hundreds or thousands of hours in a game to be “better” than other people suddenly dont emotionally profit from looking down on others in a virtual world anymore (in a teamplay orientated game) and while like 90% of gaming community works exactly this wayI think the solution to this isnt banning evil “hackers” but searching and attending a therapists programm.

If cheating is not that bad as you think, why fatshark took contract with EAC?
you know that cheaters like iamlupo from Vt1 got Indulgence?
they made script, and got like 3000 emp legend box at first month
then even made auto salvage mode for easy cheat
funny thing is iamlupo said that his friend got banned he is not banned
he said that he made a deal with fatshark

Devs of Dead by deadlight banned even their old loyal players who spent 2~3000 hrs on their game becuz they used save edit hack on 1st year of DBD.
violating rules are not acceptable choice in any of case becuz it can be huge if we don’t take care of them

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I do understand not wanting to be harsh, but it’s sorta like folks going out to dinner naked and then the hosts kicking them out for being “nudists.” Come on, man… no one else is here to see that or be here with you. Just because they want to do it one way doesn’t mean that we have to let them (though they are certainly welcome to on their own terms… just not when it affects everyone else adversely). More importantly, we can’t “avoid” him. He comes and sits with us whether we like it or not.

Setting everyone’s HP to 300 means I no longer get to play the game I came here to play… I don’t want 300 health god mode, I want a grueling slog of battle. I want to fight bad guys that pose a threat to me at every corner; I don’t feel good because I’m better than my team (play Dark Souls PvP if you want to feel better than other players), I feel good because my team and I are overcoming powerful enemies and difficult obstacles with our skill.

We ban hackers because they are doing what everyone else is doing, but they are doing it the ‘wrong’ way. The game was made so that you don’t 1-shot Stormfiends with an elven greatsword… so if you cheat in order to 1-shot Stormfiends with an elven greatsword, you’ve officially done it the wrong way.

EDIT: And I’d like to clarify: the wrong way is a harsh term because they were causing everyone else grief. If you don’t hurt anyone else or take away their good time, you do you, boo!

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