I previously made a post about some hackers which was deleted by faterik for whatever reason saying it was a witch hunt . He proceeded to tell me to report hackers via pm but he hasn’t responded to the proof I’ve provided of NEW hackers. It’s as if you want hackers in your game. I’m not going to put steam ids here but here is proof of the hackers and if you want the ids pm me (if you’re a dev) . https://imgur.com/a/8H65a

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It’s pretty common for internet forums to not allow posting people’s details.

Even if u catched world top 1 hacker, u are forbiden to mention his name on forums, because forum forbids naming and shaming.

However u can write what happened.

It’s a gaming profile. Not their personal details. On top of that they are hackers ,neither the devs nor the anti cheat are doing anything about it. On EVERY game forum I’ve seen there is at least a designated place to report and talk about hacks/hackers. I’m not bothered about not being able to post their details , fair enough if there are rules about not shaming etc people but you should be shamed and banned from both the game that is being hacked on and the platform if you are a hacker.

I do find it odd that people who have chosen to disregard rules are so well protected by them…

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I was curious if the devs or the anti cheat had actually done something since the reports of hackers both here ,on steam and on EAC’s report system but I guess they haven’t even tried. I simply join a game with rectangles as a name (chinese characters which don’t show up in game) and this is what I get : immortality for the entire team ,and a kerilian spamming her ability.

https://imgur.com/a/JCcE6 You can even see the moment they enable the cheat and I regain health somehow, the kerilian takes no damage from the gutter runner and spams. The images are somewhat out of order but it’s more than obvious whats going on.

It’s a new hacker every time and if you check out the time in game of the other non hacking players (leaches) they have under 10 hours and have multiple achievements if not all including the ones you get for getting a character to level 30.

Well I’d rather no one start verbally abusing Cicero, even if he did choose to disregard the rules, but I guess not everyone shares my POV.


It’s actually mind boggling how people seem to be more concerned with petty and honestly stupid rules than the hackers. This has to be one of the most bizarre experiences I’ve ever had trying to report hackers.

And just by the way according to the forum guidelines I’m not breaking any rules whatsoever other than possibly posting in the wrong place because there is no dedicated section to report hackers. I’m complying with fateriks request to not accuse people of hacking with “no evidence whatsoever” and not to cause a witchhunt and that’s only possible if you have access to the steam id which I did not provide. And I’m only doing this because there is no response from erik and by doing this it may gain the attention of other devs who are available.

People hacking in a co-op game, who cares. Just leave their game and move on. There’s nothing in it for you anyway.

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Co-op or not they are hacking and some of these profiles have more than just vermintide and they may actually be hacking on every single game they own so it’d be good to stick a big fat game ban on their steam account so that they can be on steams radar. You can argue that it’s just a co-op game and that by cheating they are skipping progression and eventually ruining the fun for themselves but they are still hacking which should be unacceptable under any circumstances. These are the type of people that join competitive and other styles of games that I love and completely ruin it for me and many others. On top of that they’re getting tons of gear and red items which pisses me off because I haven’t gotten a single one yet :,c

I certainly care. I bet you’ll find something in the terms of service/license agreement that prohibits such things as well.

The important part here is that it is a multiplayer game with a central matchmaking system. Most people expect to join a match and have the dev-intended game rules in place. When those are broken, it is most definitely less enjoyable.

One could argue that you could just leave and try a different match. This is also not valid. But, how many times should someone have to do this to get a non-cheating match? Where do you draw the line? The fact is, the line is already drawn. Modifying game code, memory, ect. to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited. This is pretty standard and should not come as a surprise to anyone.

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Honestly as opposed as I was to cheating prior, I honestly could care less. EAC is basically a giant virus and I detest the fact its even being used in the first place to combat cheating, there are other ways to try and prevent this kind of play but EAC is easy to bypass via a number of methods that don’t require that much time or effort.

That said, this is a co-op game with no competitive leaderboards, does it matter if some people want to suck the enjoyment of actually playing out by cheating? You have the option to leave the games, and are welcome to do so. Also, as i’ve stated before creating a system based on pure RNG with abhorrently low drop rates on cosmetics and reds will encourage bypasses. Iamlupo for example has every possible red in game already, does it really matter that he has them?


Just leave their game and move on. EVERY games forums have a naming and shaming rule. Don’t act so surprised that you were warned.

I’m honestly surprised they don’t go after the source. Everyone knows where people are getting this from. Not exactly secret. lol

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No they don’t lol. This is the first time I’ve experienced such a ridiculous rule. It’s not like I’m giving PERSONAL or PRIVATE information away, it’s a gaming profile , nothing more nothing less. And all the game forums I’ve been on to report hackers usually have the same layout where you 1 name the person, 2 give their game id ,3 provide evidence and have the devs crush them or you have an ingame reporting system which works wonders for game devs and lazy people. This is the first forum I’ve been on which has a game with a hacking problem and no way to report them. I’m not bothered that this forum has this rule but the fact that nothing is being done about the hackers whatsoever is a joke.

It’s as simple as googling for vermintide 2 hacks.But I’m pretty sure that nothing is being done about it because it does in fact bring in players and if one of several of these players get banned other may stop buying the game. It seems to be a cultural thing for 90% of chinese players to be either okay with someone else hacking so they can leach of them or to actually cheat and if there is a sudden wave of bans they aren’t gonna get their friends to play with them because they won’t be able to play the way they enjoy the game. They don’t even need to get banned from vermintide , but at least let steam know that they are a suspected cheater so they get on their radar for other games .

Also I noticed you’ve never read the forum guidelines so you can’t tell me what is and isn’t a rule.

They need to go with the dark souls method and just isolate them to “cheats only” queue

How do I report them?

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu