Cheater with infinite ult and flying around

I dont know where to post this. First time in a while I found a cheater in V2. It was some very shameless stuff using ult frequently and just flying through the map. Hope this wont be a trend. Put in a vid to show the culprit.

< Snip >

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It’s something that should’ve been sent in a PM to a dev, maybe along with a steam id. That is if the purpose of the video was to report the user using cheats.

I’m don’t know exactly which information is stored in the console logs, but maybe that’s something you could provide instead of the steam id (in a PM).

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How would some one go about PM a dev directly? Pretty sure it was a user from China since if you see the name in the vid it has a bunch of just squares. They were on for at least an hour hosting a cata game. I guess Ill report on steam if i see again but hope some dev will see the vid and just ban the user.

It’s hard for them to identify, if the name is indeed only squares (video doesn’t play for me…), but if you privately give them your account name and the time of the game they can maybe see who you played with and identify the cheater?

@FatsharkJulia ?


Thanks for the report well check it out.