Name hiding

Not 100% sure where to put this topic but it is a big enough issue that I made an account just to mention it. Has anyone else been running into the ever increasing number of elf ultimate spammers. I have had 10 players over the last 3 days that for the entire 5min or less before I kicked them or left had 100% uptime on there trueflight ability. They didn’t stop casting the ability, this isn’t some mix of CD properties and pots this was next level stuff and clearly cheating or hacking.

Yes, can confirm. Had done some Festering Forest champ runs with friends where this guy joined who just spamed trueflight just about the whole time in that had white squares for name. Obviously, this guy didn’t want to have an actual name to be reported on and pretty sure he hacked game I had hosted cause no one else was able to vote kick him. > <

Regarding the square name, the game doesn’t render most non-English letters, so for example Cyrillic or Greek names can end up as lines of blocks.

Yes, that is one explanation, but you cannot deny there are English players that can just as easily do such if they so chose…

Anyone could do it, you or I included. All it takes is changing your steam display name. However, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume ill intent from such name.

Let’s keep on topic here fella’s, both reasons could be plausible. The real issue is that these players are ruining a lot of players experience.

Lol, I didn’t just assume though, you see. As I stated, the guy SPAMMED the ult all over then claimed it was nothing and no one else in my game was able to vote kick him for having done so

You assumed causation from correlation. That the name wasn’t rendered ingame and that the player appears to have been using cheats are not necessarily connected, and without further evidence of connection, it’s just poor form to claim such.

Nice try to subvert and straw man me. I didn’t assume. It is just a fact that there are some people that use that as a way to not be reported.

Is it a straw man when I can directly quote your words? And if you claim it as a fact that there are some people who do that, then I would expect you to bring some proof as well, because facts aren’t facts if you cannot check them.

Well I’m going to rename this post and make a new one, you two of completely missed the point of this.

There’s no point in trying to present evidence to one that is so clearly full of it to misconstrue meanings and not actually capable of handling hard truths :wink:

You aren’t much of a conversationalist, are you? You’re avoiding presenting proof of your claims, and are trying to attack my credibility to distract from it. I’ll tell you, friend, it doesn’t make you look good.

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