Elf cheating/hacking issue

Re posting this due to people hijacking my thread to argue about useless unrelated things:

Not 100% sure where to put this topic but it is a big enough issue that I made an account just to mention it. Has anyone else been running into the ever increasing number of elf ultimate spammers. I have had 10 players over the last 3 days that for the entire 5min or less before I kicked them or left had 100% up time on there trueflight ability. They didn’t stop casting the ability, this isn’t some mix of CD properties and pots this was next level stuff and clearly cheating or hacking.

Erm it’s just a normal cheat. Anyone could use that. And there were a lot or threads about cheaters already. I think FatShark pretty much aware about this issue.

I played champion “quickplay” just few mins ago and everyone in the party is invincible and the host keep spamming his ulti w/o cooldown.

I thought it just a bug or something but after it’s done the host just casually start the next run, so I just check it again and it’s just the same as before everyone invincible and the host can spam his ulti.

Too many cheater will ruin the game and give negative impression especially to new players (like me), it’s not like I really care about fair game or not since the game is about PvE not PvP or competitive game, atleast there should be a way to report those cheater.

I love this game and still waiting for new DLC, just don’t want to see this game dead because this issue.

What is interesting to me is that all the hackers seem to be using a trainer by CH. who are a well known and well established cheating website. They seem to have active developers that work overnight to bring out trainers for new patches. However, their policy states that their cheats are made for private use only.

I think FS should get in touch with these assholes and give them a stern talking to. It’s bad enough that people are probably working on injectors right now to sell to other inbred pillocks all over the world.

Some more trivia: one of the founders of the website is called Peter Ekstrom and he is… Swedish!

edit: removed hyperlink of website just in case.

FS kinda want mod support in this game. That basically means future anarchy. It would be nice if they put all cheaters in special queue thought.