I met cheater yesterday where i can report it?

He played as WS and use ult with no cooldown

I can link his steam profile if Fatshatk want it

Was this for the entirety of the map or was it at random intervals? It may be that they were using a conc pot, essentially giving them instant cooldown on ultimate for a short period of time.

no potion and use ult to eliminate entire patrol

also it seems he didnt buy dlc but used dlc illusion

Were they hosting? If not, they can play the DLC maps through quickplay. I’m not entirely sure where this post should be to be honest. May be best to move it to the bugs section.

Not saying this person wasn’t a hacker. But the WS ULT can kill around 5-6 maybe even 7 stormvermin if the shots crit. Something like 12k damage per arrow, 3 shots.

I would private message @Fatshark_Hedge and he can most likely help you out, or at least investigate the person.

Not to mention that they might also have benefited from someones else conc pot if there was potion share running, or were just running the 1 pot = all three effects.

Again they might have been cheating, but it’s going to be hard to prove. There are so many ways it might have happened. There are several ways to speed ult charging.

i’ve seen this hack before, some waystalker running very very fast and spamming ult like swiftbow attacks. it wasn’t a tripot because was on for a full minute (i quit the party at that point cos i didn’t wanna play with a cheater)


Glad not to have seen this one in the wild yet…

Ok let me make it clear

It is basically same as cheat happen trainer which overrun around patch 1.05

He shot patrol with longbow and use no cooldown ult to emlinate them

We kicked him and i checked his profile vac ban 60~70 days ago

I saw many cheaters using this trainer and it seems this trainer still working

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