Too many cheaters!

Too many cheating people, I asked the official immediately to come out of the solution of cheating, and to punish those who use cheating software. They locked blood, unlimited use of “F”, and said “take our stately customs clearance”. As soon as I saw cheating, I quit the game immediately. I didn’t want to play with these people, but now it’s too much. Please do not deal with the official game experience.


Are you sure you didn’t just see someone experience a glitch? There is a bug that can cause a player to enter a state where they can’t die even though they don’t have any health left. Additionally, while in this state, the player can use their “F” ability endlessly. It’s a very rare glitch, but I’ve witnessed it happen multiple times, once to my friend.

He is actually right. There seemingly are tools to completely circumvent the EAC protection.
These cheaters nowadays can even easily finish the level by deactivating the cheats shortly before the level ends. Only at the endscreen will EAC check if something is wrong. Some do not even have to do this.
There are actual guides on how to cheat properly…

It is actually highly possible that quite a few of those “he could not die and had unlimited F” glitch reports were actually cheater. Those cheat tools provide the ability to be invincible, have unlimited ammo, no overheat and unlimited F ability. If the cheaters joins a hosted game it only works for him, but if he/she is host, it works for the bots and the unlimited health for all.

Hopefully there can be a fix for this. In its current state EAC is as effective as any copyright protection for movies. It works and sometimes destroys the game for those legitimate players and the cheaters do not care. Due to the fact that EAC can not even recognise those cheats, the stat does not matter. Goodbye “state is trusted”.

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