Fatshark,will you BAN a hacker?

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there’s no doubt that he is a hacker,so if i report it here,will he be banned?

I happen to be a hacker too.

I hack and slash through hordes of vermin filth and heretic chaos worshippers, in the name of Sigmar.


Reporting any user to the forums is a bad idea. This is where you come for community help; we are all here to debate with and help one another succeed in the game of Vermintide.

Banning hackers is something the game devs do. Send the request to FatShark directly. Don’t post it here.


thank you for your patient reply,but i have no way to send the request to FatShark.
can you tell me? thank you once again for your patience.

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Unfortunately, there’s no special way of reporting hackers or other nasty people. But you still can send a ticket to https://en.kundo.se/org/fatshark/ about them.

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Or you can just message the Community Manager, he normally can sort things out for you, or at least point you in the right direction. @Fatshark_Hedge

And yea, FS doesn’t allow cheaters, they recently got into a bit of trouble with hackers giving the game bad reviews on Steam because FS wouldn’t let them cheat. lol


thank you very much for your reply.

thank you .

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