Congrats, Fatsharks!

You managed to implement an incentive that invited hackers to create a micro-economy offering cheats for cash in your least play tested mode presumably to test the merits of paying EAC for their services. None of this is new to the industry, but your apparent lack of commitment to your product for anything but revenue generation is apparent.

No such thing as bad publicity, but as for creative integrity, it is safe to say you have the majority of your attention on your upcoming release which will be left for dead in favor of your next money making scheme.

You are on your way to thinking just like the greed riddled big boys at Activision and EA. Shame upon your entire corporation.


A ceiling fan

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wat :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


…Sir are you referring to the recently revealed chinese hackers who sit around in lobbies across various ques trying to sell/show off cheats?

How exactly has anything changed to promote their actions? Its not like we didnt have them around before.

That was exactly what i thought when i heard about them trying to sell that stuff too x)


I must admit that I truly fail to understand in any and all capacity how that could possibly be a lucrative business.


Fatshark devs said that these hackers will eventually get pinged by EAC. Just keep reporting and blocking them on Steam.

I have 2 sitting in my block list right now.

Why would anyone cheat? In this online CO-OP (solo?) game.

wat :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Imagine being so bad at co-op game that the only way to feel good about yourself is to cheat.

These are those guys lol

I’m terrible at video games and I don’t cheat. If I die, which is quite often, who cares? I respawn lol


Some people are completionists and want to get 100% complete even if it’s outside their capabilities… through any means they can.
There will always be those who are willing to provide aid means.
This happens in even the smallest of games so I’m not surprised in the least that it’s come along here.
I’m actually more surprised it took this long.

No one ever really used cheats in the days of old Vermintide - admittedly judging by the history on Reddit and my own experiences. I met literally one dude in VT1 who had an “instant beat level” cheat, and he asked me if I wanted any. I politely declined and we instead played some regular runs.

I’ve never even seen an attempt at cheating in VT2. It’s a big reason I wonder why we even HAVE this clunky and obnoxious anti-cheat - especially when it’s clearly not working that well. Sure, maybe it’ll one day catch and ban these people who ruined a non-existent in-game economy with totally random and borderline obscenely slow late-game economy . . . but it’s really been inconvenient and killed off modding a lot. :confused:


Us non-cheaters have a hard time understanding the mindset of a cheater. They are very sad existences with a f***ed up worldview that goes beyond games.


People seem to have forgotten about this but the burning pile of tires that is Winds of Magic was supposed to turn V2 into an competitive game since that is where the most money for the least effort comes from.

Fatshark is Tencent and there is not a single Tencent game that doesn’t collect user data. Also it is never wrong from a salesman point of view to have more control over your customers. They just recently implemented an update that was basically just a mod. You can’t cloak mods as content if everyone runs them anyway.

Selling out to China is a big hint on where the road is heading.

Is is a puzzle game where we must actually understand what you meant to say, or is there a translated op post somewhere ?


This looks like a troll thread by the original poster who is likely never going to post in this thread again.


Anyone know where I can get a Bardin ladder hack?

It is probably in response to the more recent threads about Chinese cheat selling spammers, they AFK in a lobby and spam the chat while spawning tons of healing draughts or whatever

Possibly, although I’m personally not convinced.