So I thought: give it another try, VT2 might have improved

Issue Summary:
Try to play, crashes in keep, crashes when joining someone, crashes when starting a map, crashes when playing less then 3 minutes… sorry, but what the hell? I guess see you in another 3 months or so when I convinced myself again of “VT2 might have improved” :confused:

Are you using mods? Do you have the newest drivers for your graphics card? Have you reported the bugs and uploaded the logs?

I could just do all that, just as I did when the game was released. And probably report the same bugs in the next patch, and the next and the one after that. I’m just tired of this feeling of being in an extended beta testing. :frowning: Such a shame, I really like the game.

Believe me, I understand the frustration. But it will take only a couple of minutes to fill out the bug form and attach the logs. In that way you could speed up the process. And I’m not saying it will, but it might be something on your side that’s causing the crashes.

Quick question, are you using the player list plus mod? Cause it sounds like that xD

Also, if you want them to help, post your crash logs. They can normally tell you exactly what’s causing the problem as they have done for many people before. Takes you like 10 seconds to upload and post them…

@Fatshark_Hedge and @FatsharkJulia are normally very active on the forums during the week.

did u install easy anti cheat?

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, as mentioned above please send us your crash reports and we’ll be able to look in to what’s causing them. :slight_smile:

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I installed latest geforce drivers and try to keep them up to date, honestly helped alot of my crashes. Seems to be reasonably stable lately.

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