Unplayable due to constant crashes

The game has become unplayable. Crashes litterally every game, if it doesnt crash while im bouncing around in the keep.
Did a clean install of my gpu driver before the 4th crash (which is the one below).

I really love VT2, please tell me there is something really simple im missing, that is the cause of my constant crashes!

GUID: 5f1bcd77-0730-4f36-85b5-bac8e13a7bc6
Log File:
Info Type:

Sorry about your crashes - I’m looking at the logs but can’t see any specific explanation for them.

I think, in this situation, this would be the best place to start: https://support.fatshark.se/hc/en-us/articles/360021422873--PC-How-to-Resolve-Most-Crashes

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Thanks for the feedback @FatsharkJulia.

I’ve done everything on that list now, and the game still crashes like before.
I’ve also tried running dx12, which caused the game to crash on startup.

I’ve probably pissed a bunch of people off, due to me crashing in i think 9games today whilst trying to fix this.
I also tried downloading CPUID HWMonitor, to monitor any possible overheating. Was stainding still inside the keep for about 4minutes, GPU and CPU temperatures was stable at around 55C. After this i started to run around in a circle, along the walls. I got to my 2nd lap and the game crashed: (Temperatures never exceeded 60C on either GPU or CPU)

GUID: deef636e-3705-4a00-a7f5-050c6690a1da
Log File:
Info Type:

I tried the Benchmark option within the launcher. First time, it crashed:

GUID: 90d0a016-13c5-4024-945d-e09d930159b4
Log File:
Info Type:

2nd try it went through the benchmark without any issue.
Tried the benchmark a 3rd time just for shits’n’giggles, crashed to the point of the entier computer freezing.

(if the following is of importance for a reason as to why it keep crashes)
I just reinstalled my OS (w10) a couple of days ago. Because for some weird reason, after a VT2 crash which froze the computer, I was unable to reboot into windows, was greeted by a bluescreen which told me that windows did not function properly. After couple of hours of unsuccessfully trying to fix whatever was wrong, I ended up just formatting and reinstalling windows.

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