Random but frequent crashes

Hey I’ve recently enjoyed VT2 a lot but as long as I’ve had it installed I have these random crashes occurring frequently, around a couple times every day/session.

GUID: 9175ac2a-b75f-4ecd-83af-55ec969add80
Log File:
Info Type:

It is completely random, this last crash I was just swapping from sword to dagger in inventory in Keep. Another time it crashed at the last corner on The Blightreaper after completing all objectives, and the dozens other times it is just random throughout different maps…

Appreciate all feedback, Thank you

I believe I’ve already responded to your submission via the Support Portal, but for anybody else reading: if using a Ryzen CPU, try a lowered ‘Worker Thread’ count of 6 and see if there’s any improvement.

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No crashes so far! I’m optimistic setting the worker thread to 6 might have solved the problem. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is crash free! Thank you for your great assistance.

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I did crash again after setting ‘Worker Threads’ to 6.
Changed from DirectX12 to DirectX11 and haven’t had a single crash yet after this change.

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