New and Frequent Crashes

GUID: 942149d6-7cc9-43d1-9f58-3db65f9b0e65
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Crashes occur right upon entering the Keep or sometimes later in the middle of QP or CW. The only thing in common is that I can never finish anything.

I have updated my BIOS, reinstalled C++, verified game files, added AVAST exemption, fiddled with which DX to use. None seem to work. Please advise.

These crashes are rather new. Prior to CW I never had any issues with VT2.

This is a similar crash to what this player is experiencing here: Game seems to be crashing when I load into games or crit

Sadly crashes of this nature are a pain to pin down, but usually have a more localised cause. I’d recommend having a look at: [PC] How to Resolve Most Crashes in Vermintide 2 – Fatshark

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