Crashreport and some feedback. tired of crashes like so many others. (gets edited from time to time)

Hey, the game was crashing every time i tried to host custom game as bardin veteran with dual hammers. simple as that. no crash message.

The game crash for new purchase players wich is causing alot of them to ask for refund because the game is broken before they even can start it.
missing a file when downloading(verifying mostly fix this, but not always).

ill rather wait a couple more weeks for a almost fully functional patch than something rushed out, so test them well enough before release.

Focus the time on other base programs than fixing maps, locations, weapons, characters.

And just to make a statement "it’s working, why fix it so it breaks? "

I enjoy this game alot, free content is what can i say some good, and some of it just another waste of time challenge that’s not going to be done.

the new idea with splitrats is decent and a very nice supplement to the game for the players that grew tired of normal legend.

The art challenges is just a waste of time really.

Most people will never do this type of challenge or will cheat to get them, wich is a shame.

Work with the crash issues and make sure it works first, then focus on the details.
The game is great, but needs less crashes.

Are you using mods? As my immediate suspicion is that the crashes are mod-related.

I have turned off mods to verify if that were the issue for my bardin, i still Had a couple of crashes after.

For the more serious crash issue is the New players that download the game for the first time and experience crash as the first press of the start button. Verify the game and it confirms one file is missing.

This is not a one time encounter. I have heard about and experienced this issue With several friends.
Had one friend that even wanted refund because the game did not work when he bought it and verifying did not fix it.

Even if it was a easy fix With some searching, it should not happen as a introduction for the game.

I can even bring up the all happy time backend error that has been so nicely returned to us, the random crashes withing the middle of a game that worked fine, until idk what happened.

And all the mods that had error gave a message indicating what file that was causing the issue. At the same time shutting all mod off still cause some random crashes in the game.

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