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Issue Summary: Horde cames 'n crash

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GUID: 347b1af4-1b11-4e28-8069-104ffae3edc5
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not sending rest beause ive been posting all rest in march (like 20 posts).

Hi pluszowyjesiotr, are you running with the Bestiary Mod? It seems to be crashing in it, so try to run the game without it and see if that fixes the issue (I know the maker of that mod is working on a fix).

Thanks for replay.
Sorry for salty topic name, but being a huge fan from V1 im very dissapointed what happened with V2 :frowning: . I was struggling for 80h of crashes and had this flashback, not mentioning how bad is QoL, GUI bad design and no QUEST SYSTEM after 3xx hours RNG makes my playing… pointless.

Sorry for offtop.

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